DarleyGo Announces Genesis Horse Sale on Magic Eden

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project will hold its inaugural NFT sale on January 23rd on Magic Eden.

Investin - Start Your Career as a Fund Manager

With a prize-packed trading competition coming, the decentralized fund management protocol is incentivizing traders to start their own lucrative funds.

SolanaNFTLaunchpad Join Solana News for Twitter AMA

Sham, Core Dev at SolanaNFTLaunchpad, outlined the platform's upcoming mint and goals.

The DarleyGo Team Discusses Their Background and Project Plans

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project stopped by to chat about how their project started and where it’s headed.

Rogue Pandas Team Gives Insight Into Their NFT Project

The Solana-based team joined us for an AMA where they shared their backstory, features, and future plans.

DazedDucks Talk About Their Public Mint

The NFT-centered project had lots to say about their art, mint, and what the future holds during their second AMA with us.

Solana NFT Pad Discusses the Utility of NFTs

In our Twitter Spaces AMA with the project, team member Gary revealed how the project differs from traditional NFT launchpads in terms of utility and function.

DarleyGo Unveils New Project

The project revolves around bringing horse-racing events to the Solana blockchain.

Alf Protocol - Next Generation Capital Deployment

This Solana-based protocol seeks to provide improved conditions for investors looking to maximize their capital.

SpinFi Shares Their Motivations

The team took to our DeFi Direct discord to outline and introduce their decentralized derivative platform!

Tiexo Joins Us For Round Two

The NFT marketplace and ecosystem joined us for a second AMA to explain some project updates and upcoming giveaways.

Let it Snow This Christmas with 1xBit

1xBit is holding a special tournament to help find all the reindeer to save Christmas.

The Slow Patrol Explains Their Focus

In an AMA with us here at Solana News, the project detailed their main focus and explored the work ethic of their team.

DazedDucks Explains Their Mission

The NFT project joined us for an AMA, discussing the DazedDucks team, their art, and their lofty future plans.

The Elite Legion - How One NFT Provider is Raising an Army

The project taps into culture and history in a seamless blend with blockchain technology.

Nekoverse Details Their Economic Model and Inspirations

In an AMA with us, the Nekoverse team detailed their in-game economy, gameplay, and project inspirations.

Nosy Blobs to Launch First Solana-Based Deflationary NFT Collection.

The collection will be launching in the near future for Solana users to enjoy.

The Caribbean’s First HODL-to-Earn NFT Collection & DAO - DazedDucks Metagalactic Club

Created by Antiguan artist Guava De Artist, the first-of-its-kind NFT collection DazedDucks Metagalactic Club gives you access to an exclusive community supported by a HODL-To-Earn DAO.

Gasless Geese - Providing NFTs With Utility

An innovative NFT project with multiple use-cases designed to promote NFT adoption on the Solana blockchain.

CrimeFamília Seeks to Spice up NFTs and GameFi on Solana

CrimeFamília aims to build a new niche in the Solana NFT GameFi space incorporating a creative MMORPG and RTS twist.

TIEXO Shares the Goals and Plans of Their Platform

The TIEXO team joined our AMA host Andrew for an engaging chat about their platform and future.

A Look at Tiexo - Cryptonauts Academy

TIEXO is an all-in-one platform that makes NFTs easily accessible to newcomers while also being a sophisticated blockchain tool for veterans.

Fancy Diamonds - Fancy Gamified NFT Collections

Fancy Diamonds is a project inspired by a strong passion for gaming and NFTs, offering users one of the best collections on the Solana network.

Skyrocket Your Winnings With 1xBit’s Crypto or Crash

The latest offering from the betting platform offers hefty bonuses plus tantalizing gameplay.

Koalanas - Leveraging the Power of Crypto for a Good Cause

With a focus on rescuing koalas from the raging wildfires in Australia, Koalanas has a truly noble cause to back their NFT collection.

CODI Finance - Complete DeFi Ecosystem

An ultimate decentralized exchange that enables financial ideas to turn to reality.

soAlien - a Chapter-Based NFT Project Releases Public Minting Day

With a rich storyline supporting the project, soAlien looks to be a hit from out of this world.

GenesysGo - Supporting the Scalability of Solana

With a tangible use case for the network, GenesysGo’s upcoming NFT drop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to jump in on a project that has a clear path for success.

Solastronaut: Animated 3D NFT Revolution in the Solana Metaverse

The project seeks to bring an out-of-this world experience involving NFTs, with numerous other rewards and features for users.

Mark McKenna’s Heroes & Villains

The MasterBrews project promises to bring some of the most immersive NFT experiences for users.

TheSlowPatrol - Unique Sloth-Based NFT Platform

The platform is designed to both spread awareness to sloth well-being and provide a fun source of passive income for users.

TheSlowPatrol - Explaining the Process

Considering the amount of detail that goes into TheSlowPatrol’s Sloth breeding, it’s important to understand the basics before you jump in.
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