Solana DeFi

Mini Royale: Nations and Faraway Co-founder will Join DeFi Direct

Up and coming blockchain game for Solana, @MiniNations, here to give insight before the first NFT launches on Dec 6 and Dec 9.

Solana Based NFT and Metaverse Project, DeFi Land, Receives Investment

FTX and LightSpeed announce DeFi Land investment following news of the FTX, Lightspeed, and Solana Ventures 100M Web 3 Gaming Fund.

Solana News to Host Official Credix Livestream

Credix, a DeFi 2.0 credit marketplace on Solana, will join Solana News in a Youtube live discussion on DeFi Direct.

BoneWorld Brings Life to the Solana Twitter Spaces

Two members of the BoneWorld team explored the topics to show why the NFTs have become so popular.

RunNode to Launch on AcceleRaytor

The Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 bridge will launch on Raydium's launch pad in a boost to the Solana ecosystem.

Planet Finance Utilizing Chainlink VRF and Price Feeds for Secure Launch of Green Planet and GAMMA token

Randomization and fairness are the key terms for Planet Finance as they continue to break the mould and build, utilizing key features from Chainlink.

Saber Announces Partnership with Quarry & Marinade

The leading DEX partners with the two protocols to launch Dual Yield Rewards on both MNDE and SBR.

Fabric SRM Grant Proposal is Open For Voting

The new DAO proposal asks the community of 250,000 SRM tokens to onboard small-cap protocols and adds new liquidity to the DEX.

Orcanauts NFT Mint Sells Out for Over $1.2 Million

Orca’s NFT mint was immensely successful, with several users on Twitter posting positive feedback of their experience and expectations from the mint.

Cyclos Partners With Solatars to Bring Le Cougar Clique NFTs to Solana

The concentrated liquidity AMM has launched the DeFi integrated NFTs via the CycloSwap platform.

Lead Contributor of Cypher Protocol Will Join DeFi Direct Livestream

One of the leading contributors to the Cypher protocol will be on hand to tell the community more.

Genesis Genopets Sale On Cyber Monday

3,333 Genesis Genopets to be minted on November 29, 2021.

Orca Announces Launch of Orcanauts NFT Project

In a welcomed move the team have decided to use the profits generated toward a worthwhile educational project.

Soda Protocol Introduces Yield Farming Campaign for Liquidity Providers

Soda Protocol is holding a supply ranking campaign that rewards liquidity providers on the platform.

DeFi Land Lists Token Across Various Solana DEXes and CEXes

The listing on crypto exchanges FTX, Gate, and Raydium is a milestone moment for the project.

Sypool Co-Founder Explains Vision to DeFi Direct

Sypool takes smart, incremental steps with its testnet to prepare a successful mainnet launch.

Saber Brings BSC Stablecoins to Solana via Wormhole

Wormhole activates the bridge for USDT, USDC, and BUSD stablecoins from BSC to Solana.

Sypool Co-Founder Coming to Livestream with DeFi Direct

Co-founder, Jackson Wong, will join on Tuesday to speak with Greg of DeFi Direct and discuss all things Sypool.

MonkeyBall Schedules IDO Launch on Nov. 30

The metaverse-based game powered by Solana will begin registrations for the IDO on Nov. 27.

Cypher Secures Decisive Funding as it Maps Future

Solana News spoke to the protocol exclusively, learning of its ambition to become a base for pre-launch price discovery.

Angomon NFTs to Release with Inspiration from Kanye, Takashi Murakami

Fun team and a fun project are ready to drop another collection of dope NFTs on Solana.

Phantom Wallet Offers Solana Purchases via Moonpay

Phantom users get a special promo of 0% on transaction fees up to the following week.

Allbridge Will Integrate More Than Three Protocols By the End of 2021

Allbridge CoFounder was kind enough to drop some exclusive news and updates for DeFi Direct users.

Parrot Integrates with Chainlink to Push DeFi Efficiency

Parrot, powered by the Solana network, integrates with Chainlink to utilize price fees to price collateral and liquidate loans accurately.

Star Atlas Holds Community Town Hall on their Discord Server

Star Atlas Chief Executive Officer updates the community on developments of the metaverse of the highly anticipated game on Solana.

Allbridge Announces Cross-Chain Support for NFT GameFi Project Genopets

Users will be able to swap the play to earn the GENE token between Solana and Binance Smart Chain.

CODI Finance Launches IEO & Extends IDO

CODI Finance closed its private sale on Nov. 14 and extended its IDO for two additional weeks.

Allbridge CEO Stops by DeFi Direct For Another Chat

Allbridge CEO stops by for the second time in a few weeks, ready to pick up where he left off.

Soda Protocol Launches Mainnet on Solana Network

A participant of Solana's Ignition Hackathon, Soda, launched their mainnet on the network.

Saber & Allbridge Bring HECO Chain Assets to Solana

Users of Saber can now transfer WBTC and USDT assets between the HECO chain and Solana’s network.

Fabric Discussed its Vision & Roadmap on a LiveStream with Solana News

Fabric intends to launch its dApp on devnet later in Q4 2021 along with a rarity tool for NFTs, FAB Staking, and SPL synthetic swaps.

PARSIQ's IQ Protocol to Launch on Solana in a Push to NFTs

Solcery and Sator will be the first projects to utilize the IQ deployment on the Solana blockchain.

Solana-based GameFi project, Nyan Heroes, Successfully Launched their Public Sale

Early supporters of the feline controlled robot NFTs will get to see their freshly minted Nyan Heroes in a reveal party on November 11

Koalanas Look to Save Real Koalas With NFT Launch

Cute and sleepy koalas are drawn to help save the real koalas, and the team is looking to have some great fun in the process.

Solflare & Phantom Wallets are now Going Mobile

Solfare has launched its mobile wallet on iOS and Android, Phantom's mobile launch will take place early next year.

Brave Browser & Solana Partner to Push DeFi Further

CEOs of both projects revealed the details about the partnership at Solana’s ongoing Breakpoint conference in Lisbon.

SolanaNews to Host Official Fabric Livestream

Fabric, a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on the Solana network, will join SolanaNews in a Youtube live discussion.

Saber Announces Support for Chainlink Price Feeds

The Saber protocol has integrated with Chainlink oracles to support dApps using Saber Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens.

FTX, Lightspeed, and Solana Ventures Pivot to GameFi, Invest $100 Million

In another push to the gaming on the Solana ecosystem, these heavyweights have joined hands to invest in Web3.0 gaming.

SOL Flips Tether Briefly With New All-Time High

The SOL token has been on an absolute tear this week, posting over 25% in the last seven days.

Solana Play to Earn GameFi Project Raises 2.5MM from Heavyweight VCs

3AC, Mechanism Capital, DeFiance Capital, SinonGlobal Capital, and others are jumping headfirst into P2E GameFi with Nyan Heroes.

GenesysGo Shows Their Worth on DeFi Direct Livestream

Co-Founder of GenesysGo gives bullish sentiments through knowledgeable chat.

AMA Recap with Community Drive NFT Project soAlien

Backed by very human elements of story and community, soAlien NFTs is ready for lift-off.

SOL Hits a New All-Time High Amidst Altcoin Rally

The native token of the Solana network has surpassed the previous all-time high of $210 reached in September.

Solana News Hosts GenesysGo, Builders for Devs

Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 17:00 UTC.

Only1 Discussed its NFT Platform & the Road Ahead on a LiveStream with Solana News

Only1 is set after its public launch to reach more users through its unique proposition for social media users and creators alike.

Solana Dogcoin SAMO Outperforming SHIB in Recent Price Action

Samoyedcoin is inching towards the top 100 on Coingecko, standing within 1/6 of Shiba Inu's market cap.

Solana Announces the Winners of Ignition Hackathon

The network's fourth edition of the hackathon now has its winners, handpicked by an esteemed panel of judges to win prizes worth $5 million and more.

Somnium Space Goes Multi-Chain, Integrates with Solana

The platform has partnered with Metaplex and Holaplex to hold a part of its Tertiary Land Offering auctions on Ethereum and Solana.

SolanaNews to Host Official Only1 Livestream

Only1, a social NFT platform on Solana, will join SolanaNews in a YouTube live discussion.

Aurorians Successfully Complete AURY IDO Raising Over $100MM

Solana GameFi and metaverse project looking to fill the shoes of Axie, Sandbox and Decentraland following AURY token and Aurorian NFT sale.

Terra (LUNA) to Execute Major Burn Following Bridge to Solana

Proposal 44 will initiate a burn of 10% of LUNA’s total supply replicating other prominent blockchain networks that have made a similar move.

Solana (SOL) Becomes the Sixth Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

SOL's latest price rally saw it climbing to sixth place on CoinMarketCap's top 10 crypto assets by market capitalization as the token now eyes Cardano's spot in the ranks.

Saber and Allbridge Collaborate to Bring First Avalanche DAI pool to Solana

Trading and deposits with the Avalanche DAI - USDC pair are now live on Saber in partnership with Allbridge.

Allbridge Co-Founder Meets with GoonTrades for Informative Chat

The platform started small, bridging with Solana, and gradually grew to serve a greater need across all blockchains.

Wormhole Expands its Bridge to Include Terra

Users can now get the UST stablecoin & LUNA to use in Solana's DeFi ecosystem via Wormhole's token bridge.

ProShares BTC ETF Hits $1 Billion on First Day

The debut of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF sees it becoming one of the biggest first days for any ETF EVER.

Degen Apes Credit the Community for Rousing Success

The team also teased their next art collection set to come out very soon: Degenerative Trash Pandas--fitting for this open and candid group of fun primates.

Coinbase Inks Long-Term Deal With Forward Thinking NBA

The NBA continues its crypto foray after various teams have already committed to their own respective fan tokens.

Degen Ape Academy AMA Transcript

“Deep in the heart of Dingus Forest echoes the sleepless cries of a troop of 10000 apes. These aren't just regular apes, however. These are degenerate apes.”

Submissions for Ignition Hackathon Closed, 568 Projects Formed

The hackathon has 5860 participants with over $5 million in prizes up for grabs.

Solana News Hosts Livestream with top Solana Bridge protocol, Allbridge

Tune in on Tuesday for a chance to hear from the co-founder and CEO of the top token bridge on Solana.

Degenerate Ape Academy to Join Solana News in Telegram AMA

“Deep in the heart of Dingus Forest echoes the sleepless cries of a troop of 10000 apes. These aren't just regular apes, however. These are degenerate apes.”

Bitcoin Eclipses $60,000 as ETF Approval Finally Arrives in USA

BTC has gone past the $60,000 mark yet again after nearly six months since hitting its all-time high in May.

Serum Adds Order Book Traded Derivatives to Solana With Zeta Integration

Project Serum integrates with Zeta Markets allowing the latter to utilize the DEX's order book design for completely decentralized vanilla options.

Raydium & Magic Eden Collaborate to Boost SOL NFTs

Less than a month after Raydium’s Dropzone first NFT project launch, the protocol chose Magic Eden as the fastest-growing marketplace in a new partnership.

eToro Becomes The Latest Exchange to List SOL Token

The social investment and trading network is the latest in a series of platforms adopting the SOL token.

Wormhole Network Announces Support for Binance Smart Chain

Users can now bridge tokens and NFTs between Ethereum, Solana, and BSC ecosystem.

FTX Launches an NFT Marketplace for Solana

The U.S. arm of the cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, is now entering the NFT market with a platform in the Solana ecosystem.

United States Senator Discloses $100k Bitcoin Purchase

The Junior Senator from the ‘Equality State’ is a strong advocate of crypto and bitcoin.

NFT Properties Proving Popular, as Floor Price Continues to Hold Steady for SolSteads

We spoke to the team behind Solsteads and considered some upcoming property NFT releases.

SEC Chief Gensler Rejects Crypto Ban, Still Needs Accountability

Gary Gensler gave the much-needed assurance to a House hearing that a crypto ban is not on the cards.

DAI Stablecoin Added to Allbridge in Collaboration With Saber

Users can now utilize the Allbridge that bridges Ethereum and Solana to transfer DAI stablecoins on the DEX.

Solana Can be Bought And Sold on Skrill and Neteller Now

Legacy Payment Giants Paysafe Limited announced that leading platforms, Skrill and Neteller, now incorporate SOL tokens.

.Wallet Alliance Announced By Crypto Wallet Providers

The latest development has the potential to be an essential move for accessibility in crypto.

Bitcoin to Gold Ratio at The Highest Since BTC's All-Time High in May

The amount of gold needed to buy one BTC, "digital gold," is back on the rise again on the back of BTC's enormous gains.

Gas Fees on Ethereum Increase Nearly Threefold in 2 Days

The most utilized blockchain network is facing problems from a familiar foe in the form of gas fees.

Over 5,000 Builders Participate in the $ 5 million Global Solana Hackathon

More than a week remains for projects to apply to the hackathon, bringing new projects to the Solana ecosystem.

Grayscale Adds Solana to its Digital Large Cap Fund

Solana now holds the fourth-largest weightage in this flagship fund of this institutional investment vehicle.

Nexo Announces Support for SOL Token

Users can now utilize SOL tokens to buy, swap, earn interest and even use them as collateral.

Daring Dragons AMA Transcript

Daring Dragons is a collection of 5555 hand-drawn, unique #NFTs, existing eternally in the dungeons and skies of the #Solana

NFTs on Solana Continue to Grow Despite $150k Rug Pull

The NFT market on Solana has grown over 24% in the last seven days.

Orca’s TVL Continues to Increase With Yield Incentives and VC Interest

Orca’s TVL grows more than threefold after closing an $18 million Series A funding round earlier this month.

Raydium Dropzone to Launch Playground’s Waves NFT Collection

Playground’s waves NFT collection is set to drop on the Dropzone on Sep. 25.

SolDate AMA Transcript

Make love happen on Blockchain ❤️ | Decentralized | Built on @solana | Receive rewards on finding a match

After Detailing Bull Calls Spreads, PsyOptions Explains a Protective Collar

The options protocol continues updating its users about the various options strategies available as its launch draws near.

Orca’s Stablecoin Pools Are Providing Enormous APR

The mammal-inspired DEX leverages Solana’s unique offerings to deliver the best interest for users providing liquidity on its stablecoin pools.

Solana Releases Ecosystem Review

Summer 2021 has been an exciting and active time for the Solana ecosystem ($SOL), as summarized with the release of their “Ecosystem Highlights Volume 7.”

SamoDEX Goes Live on Solana

The decentralized exchange will offer impressive historical data on tokens thanks to Solana’s powerful scalability.

Helium NFT Track Raised 1486 SOL For Give India

Helium tapped from Solana’s Hackathon to support India’s population affected by the dreadful COVID pandemic.

Sam Bankman-fried Suggests SonarWatch Should Add FTX Pay

The FTX founder teased a potential collaboration between FTX Pay and

PsyOptions Details Bull Call Strategy Spread

The options protocol updated its users about the different strategies available as its launch approaches.

Anatoly Yakovenko Join UpOnly Podcast, Talks Solana

The Solana founders spent the stream detailing the Solana network goals and future.

Synthetify to Receive Boost from AcceleRaytor

The boost will raise capital and drive liquidity in a decentralized manner, ensuring the entire Raydium ecosystem benefits from token offerings.

Fluidity AMA Transcript

Imagine If Money Rewarded You To Use It. Fluidity Is Super Powering Cryptocurrencies To Reward You When You Use Them.

Solana Beach Launches Validator with 10% Commission Fee

The validator allows users to earn rewards for helping the platform process transactions.

Audius Partners With The Graph to Improve Analytics

The partnership promises to add more nuance to the Audius protocol as it continues to develop.

Solarian Releases Roboboots NFT Series, Available for a Limited Time

As the crypto industry has recently stagnated, Solarian and CryptoKickers look to offer clothing-inspired NFTs to reignite innovation.

Step Finance Releases Latest Updates

The update features much-needed integrations, including the addition of the Serum DEX aggregator.

Renowned DJ Deadmau5 to Collaborate with Star Atlas

The world-famous DJ plus other upcoming collaborations are poised to raise the bar for Star Atlas' NFTs to the next level.
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