Step Finance Releases Series Of Updates

Users can now vote for new additions (including tokens) among other features.

Utulu Hope
June 11, 2021
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Automated trading strategies platform Step Finance dropped some exciting updates for its users in a series of Tweets on the 9th of June 2021. These updates range from domain changes to adding new features for users to enjoy.

Position Tracking For DeFi Users can be thought of as Solana’s front page. Users use the protocol to visualize, analyze, aggregate, and execute transactions on Solana with its user-friendly dashboard. Step allows users to track their portfolio token balances and monitor their yield farming positions easily. In essence, Step gives users a summary of their current performance on the Solana chain. The protocol also has numerous inbuilt functions that make users’ life easy on Solana, such as AMM swapping and automated investment strategies, which will be integrated in the future. 

With Step Finance, users have the benefit of yield farming to gain passive income. The protocol provides metrics and tools needed for yield maximization without the need to use spreadsheets. It also supports all tokens and projects within the Solana ecosystem. All these make the protocol unique, allowing for a good understanding of the performance and risk profile of users’ positions. 

Step Finance Release Updates

In a series of Tweets, some significant changes were announced. First of which was the modification of domain to The Step compound and yield farms are also now available. Users also expressed delight as the SOLAPE token was added to its long list of assets, with more to come shortly.

The protocol has also added the HKD currency support, including a sorting feature. The sorting feature allows users to sort yield aggregation vaults by value. 

Multicurrency selection under the cog/settings dropdown is now available with Saber support for displaying users’ positions. The new update also allows users to view their portfolio balances in different currencies. 


The most important update released by the platform is the addition of a suggestion feature. The suggestion feature is a platform added to Step Finance for users to vote or suggest features they want to see integrated on the platform, including the tokens that need to be added. 

Suggestion feature now added 

About Step Finance 


Step Finance is a portfolio management dashboard and transaction aggregator that allows users to monitor their tokens associated with their wallets, LP positions, staked yield farms, margin positions, and more. 


Step Finance is not only upgrading its platform, but the protocol is also giving its users a peek at governance. Users can now suggest what needs to be integrated, which is fantastic for developing its ecosystem. The addition of SOLAPE also shows that Step is looking at top assets in the Solana network and proactively making additions to their ecosystem. 

As part of the update, Step Finance management also commended the support and patience of its users. Users now have some new options to try on the protocol, and they have been promised future innovation by the team as well.

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