Star Atlas Unveils Create-A-Game Competition

Star Atlas has announced plans for a hack-a-thon where users create their own game for the project! Let’s talk about the parameters for the competition.

Ifeanyi Egede
May 8, 2021
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Star Atlas Arcade

Star Atlas seeks to contribute to the brewing blockchain technology in the video gaming world. The team have launched an arcade to encourage the use of advanced tech in the gaming world, and now are offering users a chance to design their own game for the arcade.


All registrants have a chance to win cash prizes, totaling up to $1 million. All projects submitted in the course of this event will be judged based on technological merit and how they are received by members of the community. 

Star Atlas is sponsoring this hackathon with a $25,000 pool, which will be distributed in form of awards and prizes to top contestants. Participants with intelligent innovations are what the team is looking to reward. All eligible entries must involve the use of the Solana gaming protocol.

According to the arcade repository, the competition will proceed as follows:

  • Create your project
  • Pull requisitions against this repository
  • Integrate your webpage to the star atlas website via their chosen method
  • Add all required environment constraints needed to make your project run
  • Wait for the end of the competition, after which winners are immediately announced

Rules for the Arcade

The Star Atlas repository has given this hack-a-thon a set of parameters, which are:

  • An entry is entitled to only one prize
  • Awards are generic; hence, some entries may get multiple awards
  • An entry is entitled to just one prize. But one entry may win diverse awards from various categories
  • You don’t necessarily need to win a prize to get rewards
  • For eligibility, entries must either be a game or include game mechanics.

Prize Pool

The $25,000 raised will be distributed into prizes and awards. For prizes, the best entry wins $10,000, the first runner-up gets $5,000, while the second runner-up wins $3,000.  The prize pool for the awards is $7,000. Awards can be won multiple times depending on the judges’ decisions. Each award amounts to $1,000. 

Developers with outstanding entries will gain absolute access to the Star Atlas backstage. This means that winners will be hosted on the Star Atlas official website permanently. This reward isn’t limited to prize winners alone, it includes all winners of prizes and awards alike.

About Star Atlas


According to their Medium page, Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse development company built on the Solana blockchain. The team that owns Star Atlas and the one that owns multi-chain ventures are the same.

Their experience in this industry spans over twelve years with four of those years spent developing decentralized applications. Star Atlas wants to be the model for the future of gaming by making it possible for gamers to earn actual revenue for the time they spend in the virtual world and more importantly, convert this virtual revenue into actual cash. The Rebirth NFT is Star Atlas' solely-created first NFT meta-poster series, with the team since collaborating with other artists to create new NFTs like the Discovery of Iris soundscape.


Blockchain-based high-tech gaming is at the core of Star Atlas. This arcade is an attempt to involve the brightest minds in the Solana ecosystem in the creative process, serving as a call to developers willing to launch into and contribute to the Star Atlas metaverse. So far, this NFT workshop has received 2,000 signups, and is still climbing! Interested users should keep tabs on the competition entries, and perhaps even come up with their own innovative project.

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