SonarWatch Launches NFT Creator

The new NFT-based product makes it a little easier for users to get their feet wet in the Solana NFT space.

Utulu Hope
June 16, 2021
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The portfolio-tracking platform SonarWatch announced on June 15th via Twitter that they have launched their native NFT creator. Users can create their Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with just a few clicks using the product, which diversifies the use-case potential of the Solana-based aggregator. 

What Is An NFT? 

A Non-fungible Token is a unit of data stored on a blockchain, which validates a digital asset to be unique and not interchangeable. They represent various digital files/items ranging from videos, audio, photos, etc. Generally, NFTs are available for anyone to purchase and are tracked on blockchains like Solana to provide owners proof of ownership separate from copyright. 

SonarWatch NFT Creator: How to Start Minting

The SonarWatch NFT creator is a straightforward way to create NFTs on the Solana blockchain. By visiting the product page, users can launch their own NFTs almost instantaneously. 

Creating NFTs on SonarWatch is a very straight-forward process. NFT minting can be completed in less than 5 minutes, which is fantastic for user adoption. Due to Solana’s speed and low cost of transactions, users can expect seamless NFT creation at an affordable price. After opening the NFT Creation portal, users will have to connect their preferred wallets (Sollet, Sollet Ext, and Phantom). After wallet connection, there is an option to choose digital files in PNG, JPG, and GIF format up to 2MB in size. 

Next is to give the digital file a name, description (optional), and its supply. The network fee for creation is just $0.13, thanks to Solana’s miniscule transaction fees. In summary, here is a step-by-step list how to create an NFT on SonarWatch: 

  • Open the NFT Creator
  • Connect your wallet 
  • Choose your digital file (PNG, JPG, GIF)
  • Add name, description (optional), and supply
  • Create the NFT

The NFT Images are stored on IPFS protocol which provides duplication, high performance, and clustered persistence. 

In order to sell their NFTs, users will need to create a Serum market with the NFT mint. It is worth noting that creating a Serum market can attract fees that can range up to 15 SOL, meaning creators wanting to sell their NFTs will need to purchase SOL before selling. SonarWatch plans to add a new feature to help its users create a Serum market in-protocol, which will streamline the process even further.

About SonarWatch 


SonarWatch is a platform dedicated to tracking Yield farming and liquidity pool performance on the Solana blockchain. The platform features a decentralized exchange (DEX), collectibles market, and a unique NFT creator. 


The launch of an NFT creation portal by SonarWatch is an innovative idea, granting their platform more potential use-cases. This not only increases the NFT community on the portfolio tracking protocol but also contributes to the growth of Solana’s increasing ecosystem. With Solana’s cheap transaction rate, accompanied by its speed of transactions, SonarWatch users will have the ability to create NFTs in a simplistic manner. Users will be able to leverage Solana’s features on SonarWatch to express their interest in the NFT market space through their digital creations.

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