Solarian Releases Roboboots NFT Series, Available for a Limited Time

As the crypto industry has recently stagnated, Solarian and CryptoKickers look to offer clothing-inspired NFTs to reignite innovation.

John Tunney
June 18, 2021
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Robots, Shoes and NFTs

On June 16th, Solarians announced via Twitter that they have partnered with CryptoKickers and have launched Roboboots Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). An NFT is a digital asset or collectible that contains specific coding, giving the collectible scarcity, novelty, and authenticity. CryptoKickers has showcased how users can build their own NFT kicks on their Twitter page.

The Roboboot NFTs have been minted and are ready for giveaway! Below is an image of what the shoes look like and instructions on how to purchase the limited-edition kicks.

How To Get a Pair


Solarians and CryptoKickers have both chosen not to directly sell the NFT. Instead, the plan is to distribute the new NFTs by two ways:

  1. If you are holding Solarians, by the end of the week a snapshot will be taken and the NFT will be given to the winner.
  2. Users can retweet this Tweet and follow @cryptokickers & @SolariansNFT. A random retweet will be chosen to win a pair of Roboboots.

What is Solarians?

Solarians is the first generative on-chain NFTs on Solana. Each NFT will have their own set of traits/attributes with varying rarities. The protocol’s website  notes that there will never be more than 10,000 NFTs produced by the platform.

What is CryptoKickers?

CryptoKickers is a decentralized NFT marketplace where users can create, buy or sell shoe inspired NFTs. The platform also offers virtual tours and according to has recently partnered with NBA players, specifically Wilson Chandler. 

Final Thoughts

NFTs have now become more and more popularized on Solana. Star Atlas recently unveiled their sci-fi themed NFTs as well as Helium who also showcased their Zodiac themed NFT launch. However, crypto clothing specifically has begun to trend. As crypto clothing becomes more sophisticated, the NFTs grow more polished and the buyer influx increases. It seems as if Solana has the winning combination for attracting huge, sophisticated, long-term play projects to their platform. It should be really exciting to see how this developing ecosystem builds itself out as more celebrity names attach themselves to the chain.

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