Phantom Wallet Releases Beta v0.2.0

Phantom has introduced a new and improved wallet with new beta features. Here’s the details surrounding the Beta release.

Ifeanyi Egede
May 11, 2021
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The Launch

Phantom Wallet has announced the official release of their new Beta v0.2.0. Created solely to reimagine Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs, the team behind the wallet has invented creative growth strategies in the multi-chain world. The drive to create lasting solutions to UX plus a handful of onboarding issues has sparked the need for updating their firmware.

Phantom’s Beta could be a landmark launch into a less complex representation of the crypto space. Check out the interesting features you can cozy up to in the latest version.


New Features 

Amidst other features, the improved Phantom wallet allows for easy, widespread adoption. Phantom 0.2.0 has a more robust dropdown menu, which makes navigation seamless. For multiple-wallet owners, this feature allows for easy access to multiple wallets without any hassle.


Due to the rapid expansion of the ecosystem, Solar RPC infrastructure has been running into issues lately. This isn’t news to most users since it has caused some confusion among users receiving lengthy transaction downtime. Beta 0.2.0 version includes error banners which aim to clarify these delays by explaining the downtime factors.

The process for resetting your seed phrase has equally been simplified. Bringing a seed phrase from another wallet into a new Phantom wallet is now a breeze - you only need to click on “reset seed phrase” under the settings menu to get it done.



The Phantom team has fixed most of the bugs that riddled the existing version. The unappealing display of complete token names is fixed. The issues users had with canceling in the ‘add token’ flow menu have been resolved. The Phantom team has also fixed the UI glitch that Window users have experienced.

Additionally, all tokens have been rearranged in a more seamless manner. They appear organized and crisp, versus the previously clunky token display. For images that fail to load, the error icon that occurs frequently has been changed.  You simply get a mere question mark whenever the images fail to load, instead of the previous icon. Claiming an invite code is now effortless as well, as users just need to click the ‘enter’ button. If the code happens to be invalid or expired, you will get the notification immediately instead of after a delayed period of time.

Update on May 11th

On May 11th, Phantom updated the Beta with a fix for Ledger issues users had been having. This type of fix is why it is very important for delicate technology like crypto wallets to have a testing period. Catching these issues early in development will allow Phantom to stay ahead of any bugs and maintain a quality product.

Closing Thoughts

User feedback has guided the development of the Phantom Wallet to its current stage of testing. While there remain more fixes to be completed, it is apparent that the team is working diligently to improve user experience. Interested users should give the Beta a try, and should make sure to leave feedback to the developers so they can implement future changes. Overall, Phantom Wallet promises an introduction of simplicity into the massive crypto ecosystem, and they are working hard to assure the quality of their product.

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