Sino Global Details Hot Solana Hackathon Projects

The investment platform dropped a long list of exciting Solana-based projects from the just-concluded Solana Season Hackathon.

Utulu Hope
June 15, 2021
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Incoming Innovation

Following the conclusion of the second Solana Hackathon, which attracted interest from a host of projects worldwide, Sino Global has dropped a list via Twitter of some of the top projects for the Solana community to look out for. Everlend, Francium, Cyclos, and Solend make up the top promising projects discussed in Sino Global’s Tweets on June 14th.

Sino Global's 17 Solana Season Projects to Monitor

According to the Tweet thread, Sino Global selected 17 projects from the Hackathon event. These projects include Everlend (lending protocol), Cyclos (Decentralized Exchange), Francium protocol (Yield Aggregator), HydraSwap (Decentralized Exchange + Asset Management), Monox Finance (Automated Market Maker), All Art Protocol (AMM/NFT), Goo+Note (UI), Dagg Trade (DEX Aggregator), Blockpour (Analytical Platform), ZetaMarkets (Options), Switchboard (Oracles), NonceBox (Gaming + NFTs), Apollo (Yield Aggregator), Apricot Finance (Lending), Solend (Lending/borrowing), and Laguna Finance (Yield Aggregator). 

Sino Global’s Picks: Top 3 Hot Projects 



Everlend is a cross-chain lending solution integrated on the Solana blockchain, utilizing Wormhole bridge for the composability of other tokens on their platform. The platform also plans to introduce leveraged yield farming in the future. 



Cyclos is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that brings Uniswap V3-style concentrated liquidity to Solana. The protocol enables Liquidity Pools (LPs) to rebalance their strategies for optimal efficiency on Solana. 

Francium Protocol


Francium is a leveraged yield aggregator platform that allows users to manage leveraged farming positions across multiple strategies. The platform unlocks greater capital efficiency for yield farmers, with the strategy being curated and voted for by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

Final Thoughts 

Sino Global is responsible for providing strategic investment to top companies moving the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem forward, ensuring that they thrive in the Chinese market. The company takes pride in investing in decentralized technologies that have links to the Chinese market. Presently, the company is interested in DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. 

So far, Sino has invested in several blockchain ventures such as Serum, Bonfida, FTX, and Oxygen, all of which are on the Solana network. These strategic investments ensure that the Solana ecosystem grows to an international level. The growth of Solana-based projects enhanced by Sino Global’s investment positively impacts the Solana blockchain. These projects will tap from Sino’s unique investment approach to keep improving, which will yield more adoption.

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