Mini Royale: Nations Hits 2022 Running with War Room Discussion

The Mini Royale team took to discord for their monthly War Room to inform and discuss the game's near future with the community.

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January 13, 2022
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Web3 Gaming Continues its Storm

Mini Royale: Nations continues to drive forward in the new year, updating users with a monthly Discord War Room.

Co-founder Alex Paley and Community Manager, Grawaii took to Discord to inform users of the latest patches and the future updates coming to MRN. The War Room took place on January 13th and informed users on the planned return of Private Matches, Free For All, and the explosive growth the game has received.

“Over the next six months, we are looking to get to 100 team members. This will accelerate the release of Land, Clans, and game polishing,” stated Paley in the War Room.

The Faraway team is undergoing blitzscaling, rapidly onboarding 40+ members over six months. They started with 2 people in June, and they have over 50 team members.  

The team seems to be shooting for the next release to come at the beginning of next month, of which we are awaiting patch notes. According to the team, the major update of Land, Clans, and tokens is still on track for halfway through 2022.

Patch Fixes, Notable Updates, and Discussion

The two then fielded questions from community members ranging from Clan Wars, new UI for clan management, joining Beta, and more.
None of these discussions mean concrete action, but the forum is very encouraging, and Paley addresses and seems to note the community feedback genuinely. The discussion revolved around but was not limited to:

  • Priority #1 remains stability and anti-cheat
  • Daily Rank is fixed
  • New clan management UI incoming
  • Beta test group is full for now
  • Map selection to follow more substantial user base
  • Controler support is noted but not a priority 
  • New Whitepaper in early February

What is Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game to launch on the Solana blockchain. The game is a seamless browser-based first-person shooter that requires no third-party client or installation. 

There is already a live beta mode available online at that has achieved considerable popularity. Over 2 million players have banded together to compete in action-packed PvP gameplay during their Open Beta.

 Mini Royale: Nations sees accessibility as a primary driver and has considerable support to help them build out the platform and game ecosystem. 

Where to find more about Faraway and Mini Royale: Nations | | Faraway Twitter | Mini | Mini Royale Twitter | Mini Royale Discord

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