Mercurial Partners with Phantom on Solana User Guide

The guide will give new users insight on how to explore Solana’s rich offerings without previous ownership of SOL.

Utulu Hope
June 16, 2021
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Mercurial Finance announced via Twitter on June 15th that they have partnered with Phantom Wallet to create a user guide for users to explore Solana without having any SOL tokens. The guide was created for people who have been curious about the fast and scalable network but are unsure on where to start.

Solana User Guide Powered By Mercurial and Phantom 


The user guide covers all operations on Solana using the Phantom wallet. The guide encourages users to first connect the wallet to the chain in order to enable protocol interaction.

The first step towards exploring the Solana blockchain with Phantom is accessing the Mercurial Devnet. This can be done by visiting Mercurial Finance, and connecting the wallet to begin the setup and connection process with Phantom integration. 


After connecting the wallet on the top right corner, users will be presented with a page to choose their preferred wallet — the guide has users select Phantom. Click “Connect” in the space next to Phantom. If a user does not have the Phantom wallet installed, a pop-up will be displayed, with a message telling users to install the extension before connecting.


In order to install Phantom, users are advised to click on the extension link or visit the Phantom website to directly install the wallet.

The next step is to set up the Phantom wallet. This step ensures that users learn about adding the Phantom wallet extension to their Chrome browser.. After the extension is added, users will be requested to input an invite code - “MERCURIAL.” After this, users can create a new wallet and access the Solana network. Other information such as adding DevNet tokens to Phantom wallet, swapping tokens, vault deposits, and the withdrawal process is also explained in the complete guide.  

About Phantom 


Phantom is a wallet and browser extension that allows users to connect to Solana-based decentralized applications. It works by creating and managing private keys for its users, ensuring that they can store funds and sign transactions. Phantom offers one of the best wallets on the Solana blockchain with its beautiful and smooth user interface, and the team has shown a willingness to evolve their product to match community demand. 

About Mercurial Finance


Mercurial is a liquidity platform for stable assets on Solana. Mercurial provides high efficiency/low slippage swaps, including the introduction of dynamic fees and dynamic capital allocations to significantly improve profit potential for LPs and liquidity depth for users. 

Final Thoughts

The partnership will benefit new users on the Solana network. Decentralized platforms can be tricky to decipher for new users, which is what drove the development of the guide The guide will show users what happens when Solana’s speed is paired with Phantom’s UI. In simple terms, the guide is for “getting started on Solana.”

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