Mango and Solrise Speculating Future Collaboration?

Solana-based projects are starting to work together to create the most beneficial experience for users. Recent partnership speculation by Mango and Solrise could lead to one such collaboration.

Ifeanyi Egede
May 10, 2021
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Solrise and Mango Collaboration = Huge Potential

Solrise is a completely decentralized and non-custodial protocol for investment funds on the Solana blockchain. Practically anyone can open a fund and invest in one since it is based on the Serum DEX. Other users can choose whether to invest in a fund based on its performance since the performance of each fund is completely transparent. It works similarly to dHedge which is Ethereum-built. 

On the other hand, Mango is a decentralized, cross-margin trading platform with 5x leverage and integrated limit orders on Serum DEX's on-chain order book.


The link between Mango and Solrise is leverage. Part of the collaboration should involve the possibility of a fund manager from Solrise taking leveraged positions through Mango markets, which will lead to a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) system that can challenge the fund/wealth management of the CeFi (centralized finance) world. Solana is vital to this collaboration because it maintains one global state as the system scales and ensures that ecosystem projects can collaborate in various ways and capitalize on Solana's speed and almost zero-cost transactions.

Solrise would give users greater liquidity and more transactions, while Mango would allow Solrise fund managers to hedge their positions and make it possible for the average person to 'copy' expert prop traders' trading strategies. Apart from the use case and value addition to each protocol, the Solana ecosystem as a whole would benefit from this partnership.

About Mango

The Mango Website

Mango Markets offer similar leverage to centralized trading platforms but without the opaque rules and custody of trader funds that plague the centralized trading platforms. Mango utilizes Solana's high-performance blockchain to allow makers or takers to trade at almost zero fees, earn interest on margin positions and deposits. Users can customize their Mango UI panels to make them as comfortable as possible. Among other exciting options, perpetual futures might be the most attracted-to feature on the platform.

Derivatives volume has surpassed spot in recent years with some exchanges now handling 5 times more derivatives volume than spot. When combined with the permission-less nature of DeFi, perpetual futures could be the basis for global finance access. This is exciting news for the Mango team as they continue to intensify their efforts in improving trading on the Serum DEX.

About Solrise


Solrise is a protocol for decentralized, trust-minimized investment funds on the Solana blockchain. On April 22, 2021, Solrise announced that it has received a grant from Serum for their upcoming integration with the Serum DEX. Within just over a month on the Solana testnet, Solrise already had 10,000 fund managers.

Closing Thoughts

While it is exciting to imagine what would come out from the collaboration between these two protocols, it also serves as an encouragement for those who are still hesitant in bringing their projects to life. The community of designers, innovators, and coders are eager to bring the highest-quality projects to the table, and Solana is becoming a perfect place for these developers to collaborate!

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