Introducing SonarWatch

With this application users can track Solana assets with ease, with multiple chains of data aggregation.

Utulu Hope
June 5, 2021
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The yield farming and liquidity pool performance-tracking protocol announced on May 28th that users can monitor charts of Token price history, Total Value Locked (TVL), Supply, and Annual Percentage Rates (APRs). This level of data aggregation is worth noting, as it makes it simple for users to track diverse portfolios on one platform.

Easily Track Your Assets

SonarWatch is a performance tracking protocol built on Solana’s fast and scalable blockchain. Tracking of assets is very easy on the platform; by providing your wallet key and connecting any of the supported wallets (Sollet and Phantom), you can monitor charts of all assets on your dashboard. The protocol ensures user safety by requiring a private key, maintaining decentralization. SonarWatch does not have access to your private keys and does not perform any transaction. The only potential risk is to leak your private key, which would be an issue on any kind of platform. 

Features and Benefits 

Another notable feature of SonarWatch is its Demo page. After opening the website, users are presented with the option to see the features of the protocol before the wallet key is provided. On the dashboard, the data chart is displayed. The dashboard shows details about Yield Farming, Tokens, and Liquidity pools. Users can also monitor the total performance of their assets at one glance. 

Wallet tokens indicate the different tokens available on the protocol. It shows the balance which the user has, including the price and value. When a user clicks an asset in this category, price charts alone are displayed. 


Liquidity allows users to access LP tokens on the protocol. Users can track price, TVL, and supply by clicking any of the LP assets. The protocol has integrated RAY-SOL LP, MER-USDC LP, ROPE-USDC LP, SLIM-SOL LP, and just recently, SAMO-USDC Raydium permissionless pool from Samoyedcoin — a community token on the Solana ecosystem. More permissionless Raydium pools will be introduced soon, as the capability was only introduced recently. 

Yield farming tracking is similar to tracking wallet tokens and LPs. Here, users can also track price, TVL, supply, and APR. The SonarWatch team will keep adding new LPs for the benefit of users. In addition, more assets will be listed as the Solana ecosystem continues to expand. 

Closing Thoughts

It is clear that SonarWatch is actively focusing on giving its users the best experience when it comes to tracking their assets. The current priority remains to satisfy the needs of its users, but there have also been talks of releasing a SonarWatch token in the near future. For now, users can keep enjoying its website features and anticipate the introduction of more assets from the Solana blockchain - which SonarWatch can aggregate for you.

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