HedgeHog Markets Holds Beta Launch Competition

Hedgehog Markets has announced a beta Launch Competition that will run for a limited time before launch. There will be prizes available to win, ranging from up to $10,000 USDC to rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Hedgehog hopes to stimulate its user base by holding this competition to prepare for launch.

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April 23, 2021
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Market predictor Hedgehog Markets has announced they will be holding a public competition in order to boost publicity of their protocol. Based on the Solana blockchain, Hedgehog hopes to attract potential investors who will remain part of their user base thanks to the quality prediction services Hedgehog offers.

For first-time users of the Solana application, user guides with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Solana wallet and place trades on the devnet platform will be uploaded in the near future. Hedgehog suggests users keep tabs on their social media pages for timely updates regarding the application.

Competition Terms and Conditions:

Hedgehog announced a set of terms and conditions that will govern the devnet competition. Those conditions, as seen on their announcement, can be found below. Hedgehog also announced the reward slate for the competition, which is also listed after the terms and conditions.

  1. By participating in the beta launch competition, participants acknowledge that they are competing with devnet tokens which do not have any monetary value and cannot be sold or claimed for any value.
  1. The Hedgehog team will determine the final interpretation of the competition events. Hedgehog may determine users’ non-eligibility to participate if they discover overly disruptive behavior or violations to the terms of use. Hedgehog reserves the right to modify the terms of this competition.
  1. USDC rewards will be distributed within 30 days of competition completion. The Hedgehog Markets teams will contact each winner for their USDC address.

Total Prize Pool: $10,000 USDC

Overall ROI Leaderboard Prizes: $4,000 USDC

From Hedgehog’s Medium Page:

🏆1st Place: $1,800 USDC

🥈2nd Place: $1,000 USDC

🥉3rd Place: $500 USDC

🏅4th-10th Place: $700 USDC Split ($100 Each)

Winners will be determined based on overall profit during the beta launch competition. This will be calculated as a user’s Hedgehog Devnet Portfolio Value divided by the initial principal ($10,000 sHOG) on the end date and time of competition.

The individual with the highest devnet return on principal at 12:00AM ET on May 10th, 2021 will win 1st Place; the individual with the second highest devnet return on principal at 12:00AM ET on May 10th, 2021 will win 2nd place, and so on.

Bi-Weekly ROI Contest: $3,000 USDC Total ($1,500 bi-weekly)

From Hedgehog’s Medium Page:

🏆1st Place: $500 USDC

🥈2nd Place: $300 USDC

🥉3rd Place: $175 USDC

🏅4th-10th Place: $525 USDC Split ($75 Each)

Winners will be determined every two weeks based on percentage trading gain since the start of the bi-weekly period (noted below). The Period 1 Leaderboard will close on Monday April 26 at 12:00 AM ET and a new Period 2 Leaderboard will be created.

Period 1: April 15 to April 26 (12:00 AM ET)

Period 2: April 26 to May 10 (12:00 AM ET)

Creativity Contest: $3,000 USDC Total

🏆1st Place: $1,000 USDC

🥈2nd Place: $750 USDC

🥉3rd Place: $400 USDC

🏅4th Place: $250 USDC

🎖️5th-10th Place: $600 USDC Split ($100 USDC each)

This is an open call to all investors interested in making memes and contributing to the community through their creativity!

Furthermore, this might also be a path to working more closely with the Hedgehog team if interested.

Contest Parameters

The competition is open to all who want to test the speed of Solana, decentralized finance, and prediction markets. Be as innovative as possible - this is a chance for those who participate to get their creations the publicity they deserve!

All forms of creative expression are accepted. This can include forms of media i.e videos/art/memes, to other potential creativity like designing merch!

How to enter?

From the Hedgehog Medium:

Share your submission on Twitter using the hashtag #HedgyHogs & tag us at @HedgehogMarket. Please also share your submission with the hashtag #🎨creative-contest Discord Channel. Kindly note that the followers, likes, and retweets will not affect your submission as the quality of your work is the most important criteria for selection.

Hedgehog Markets

Hedgehog is a user-based market prediction tool on the Solana blockchain. Hedgehog focuses on maximising user benefit from the market by giving analysis of future patterns. With detailed information about each market on the protocol, Hedgehog gives its users the best chance possible at determining the safety of future investments.

Contest/Launch Roadmap

The Hedgehog team will review all submissions and will select their favorite ten out of the submission pool. Conclusively, the 10 finalists will have their projects shared for their Discord community to vote on! 1 reaction = 1 vote, with the most votes winning the competition!

Community voting will be hosted between May 4th — May 10th (12:00 AM ET)

Final Thoughts 

Hedgehog hopes to energize the stir around their initial launch with this competition, aiming to offer user rewards to incentivize the use of their protocol. These include the prizes offered in this competition, along with limited-edition collectibles that will be awarded to early-access users. 

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