Grape Protocol Dashboard Now Supports Ledger

Users can now interact with the Grape Protocol dashboard using Ledger wallets connected with Phantom or Solfare.

Utulu Hope
January 11, 2022
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Grape Protocol Adds Ledger Wallet Support 

Grape Protocol has made a solid start to the new year. In addition, the Decentralized Social Networking toolset on Solana has now added the Ledger wallet to its dashboard. Thus, users can interact with ledger wallets connected to Phantom or Solfare. 

The community provoked the Solana-based protocol to add the new feature after declaring their interest in utilizing the Ledger wallet. To the community's delight, Grape Protocol announced the introduction of the Ledger wallet on January 8th through Twitter. 

“You asked wen Ledger support? We say now! Our @grapeprotocol dashboard also supports @Ledger wallets connected with Phantom or Solflare,” tweeted Kirk, one of Grape Protocol’s reresentatives. 

Since becoming the runner-up on the Web3 Track category during the 2021 Solana Hackathon behind Solarium, Grape Protocol has continued developing in the crypto space. The latest addition will drive increased adoption of Grape Protocol, ensuring that they keep bringing more people to the Solana ecosystem. 

What is Grape Protocol? 

Grape protocol is a toolset for building token-based membership communities on Solana. With the power of Grape you can create, reward and secure any online community. The first of these tools, GRAPE Access, creates exclusive membership portals for NFT and token holders of the most popular Solana projects today. 

Where to find Grape Protocol

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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