First DeFi Land NFT Sale Announced for January

Developers of the PlayToEarn project on Solana decided to spice things up and add a different mechanic to their land sale.

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January 11, 2022
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Spicing Things Up

DeFi Land, a PlayToEarn GameFi project on Solana, announced that they will have their first DeFi Land NFT sale in the latter half of January.

The development team took to twitter and announced through their official account on January 10 that the second half of January will be the timeline for their first NFT sale. However, they also created a twitter thread saying that this sale won’t be like the usual sales we’re accustomed to.

“As everyone is waiting for DeFi Land NFTs, here are some more details for you! In the second half of January there will be the first DeFi Land NFT sale, for which you will need SOL to purchase one. We decided to spice things up and don't have a boring drop.” DeFi Land tweeted.

Staying true to the nature of the project, the developers want to gamify every aspect of the crypto industry. This mission extends to all products and services, including the release of the first 10,000 NFTs in their metaverse. A staking feature will be introduced before players get a chance to see what NFT they were able to mint for the game.

“Instead of yet another 10,000 generative NFT drops, participants will receive DeFi Land Seeds, which must be planted in our game. Planting NFT seeds means locking it into a smart contract for 30 days. After planting your seeds, you will be able to water your plant daily.” DeFi Land continued in the same twitter thread.

We Reap What We Sow

Planting your NFT seed into the smart contract will lock the seed for thirty days, during which players need to water the seed every 24 hours by using the $DFL token. After thirty days, your NFT seed will grow into a plant that you can harvest. These plants will grow into one of five different rarity tiers depending on your watering activity. The higher tier your plant grows into, the higher chance the player gets to unlock multiple and rarer NFTs.The players will only get to see their NFT once their plants are harvested. PlayToEarn utility features will be introduced for these NFTs in the coming days.

“Once you stake your seeds, you can't unlock it before 30 day period is gone. If you don't stake your seeds, you still will be able to get the NFT but you will end up with the most common one. You will be able to harvest your seeds, whenever you wish after the unlock date.” DeFi Land mentioned on the latter part of the thread.

NFT owners will get a chance to see how they can earn $DFL from the NFTs they’ve purchased in February, once the public beta is set.

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