Figment Launches Solana DataHub

The data-collecting project plans to support developers on the DeFi network by offering access to their infrastructure.

Utulu Hope
May 19, 2021
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Figment announced the launch of DataHub support for Solana developers in a Tweet made on the 13th of May 2021. With this, they are looking to tap into Solana’s speed and composability while providing access to its blockchain’s WebSockets and RPC for developers. 


With this development, developers building on Solana have access to another benefit for using the chain as a foundation. These days, applications built on Ethereum face high gas fees, issues of congestion, and low throughput. However, with the partnership of Solana and Figment, developers can avoid these stresses by accessing their DataHub and building on the high-speed blockchain.

Reason for Solana DataHub on Figment 

Without a doubt, there are many advantages of using the Solana blockchain to develop applications, ranging from low transaction fees to lightning-fast transaction times. To connect applications on the Solana chain, developers have to manage their node infrastructure so that it reads and submits transactions to the validator network. The process can be complicated to carry out with small teams, making scalability an issue for some developers.

With the DataHub, Solana applications will always be connected to Figment’s network via its available read/write node and enhanced Application Programming Interface ( API). This means that the DataHub will ensure that Solana applications become even more scalable. 

Features of DataHub 

  • Accessibility to network APIs supported by improved infrastructure. 
  • Ability to read and submit on-chain data transactions. 
  • Straightforward integration. 
  • High-quality support. 
  • Low cost of maintenance. 
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure. 

In summary, DataHub will facilitate the ease of building on blockchain technology. Now, developers can spend less time developing their applications to their desired taste while enjoying the improved infrastructure. Given that Figment offers easy API key rotation along with upgradable service plans, developers can now scale their applications instantly. 

DataHub Plus Reimbursement for Solana Developers 

Figment is offering DataHub Plus users reimbursement in SOL tokens. This means that developers will be compensated for their monthly DataHub fees. With this, Solana developers will have access to free interaction with Solana. They can send up to one million requests daily, doing this without interfering with their infrastructure.

Reimbursement Qualifications

Every user has the ability to access DataHub Plus after signing up for Solana DataHub. They also get the price for subscription rebated within two weeks in SOL. 

To upgrade, users need to visit their DataHub dashboard and click on the “upgrade for free” button. 


After clicking the Plus plan, they will be able to access increased support and flexibility. The fee for an upgrade is $50 monthly. Users will be charged on their credit cards and they will receive the same amount in SOL tokens for every month they subscribe. This means that Figment will send $50 in SOL after every monthly subscription. 


Note: Reimbursement will be sent at the end of every monthly subscription period. 

To participate, users need to do the following: 

  • Subscribe and upgrade to the DataHub Plus plan. 
  • Add Solana wallet to their DataHub accounts. 
  • Reply to Figment’s email disclosing their intent to build with their Plus subscription.

About Figment 


Figment is one of the world’s most extensive blockchain infrastructure and service providers serving customers worldwide. The platform provides enterprise-grade node and staking infrastructure, Hubble Web 3 explorer, and developer tools while also partaking in community issues as well as governance. 

Final Thoughts 

Figment’s DataHub combination with Solana is a perfect mixture for developers’ applications and an excellent building experience. DataHub functionalities will benefit from the consistent growth of the Solana blockchain. By offering a Plus subscription that rewards users in $SOL, Figment is increasing both Solana adoption and making the project more appealing to users already invested in the blockchain.

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