Delphi Digital Releases Oracle Report

The report contains details about the different Oracle solutions offered to supported projects.

Utulu Hope
June 14, 2021
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The oracle report of Delphi Digital was published on the 8th of June, 2021. The information was published for anyone that needs to understand the different oracle solutions offered by the independent research and consulting franchise based in New York City. 

Delphi Digital Oracle

Base layer blockchains such as Solana and Ethereum have shown credibility by providing the computational power and security required for decentralized applications' functionality. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has experienced massive growth, and this can be attributed to the flexible nature of self-executing smart contracts. Smart contracts can improve operations by reducing the dependence on human interactions and increasing automatic responses. However, they face serious issues with connectivity. They cannot directly receive off-chain data that may be needed to work.  

The Oracle network solves this issue. Oracles submit off-chain data to on-chain smart contracts. In essence, an Oracle is like a gateway utilized by smart contracts to connect to the outside world. Delphi Digital oracles are very important, and the report discloses the different Oracle solutions offered to different leading projects such as Chainlink, Band Protocol, Pyth, and API3. 

Significance Of Delphi Digital on Solana


Aside from the oracle solution it offers projects, Delphi Digital provides business strategies and analysis. Delphi Digital is an independent research boutique that contributes to the digital asset market with its institutional-grade analysis. One of many projects that have profited from this is Solrise. The alliance was announced on the 1st of June, with Delphi Digital responsible for providing authentication, authorization, and accounting to the protocol. 

Delphi Digital has solid knowledge of the crypto space, and its partnership with Solana-based projects like Solrise is a big plus for the Solana ecosystem. The firm is dedicated to advancing the development of the growing digital asset market, and Solana offers an ever-increasing list of digital assets. 

Delphi Digital employs a multi-disciplinary approach that combines traditional valuation methods and economic principles with decentralized concepts. This strategy helps to provide the best in-depth research for both experienced and new projects. The platform is striving hard to give the best results for crypto assets/projects. 

Final Thoughts 

Delphi Digital is a renowned name when it comes to research. According to Forbes, the platform initially predicted Bitcoin’s price drop by Q1 2019 before a report was released in December the same year. This is solid proof of its legit blockchain analysis, macroeconomic trends, and various forms of technical analysis. There are also several reports about Delphi’s interest in DeFi, including optimistic predictions. The Oracle report also discloses several projects that have benefited from its unique offering. 

With Solrise benefiting from top-quality research to its advisory team, growth is inevitable, representing a significant development for the growing Solana ecosystem. Many of these sorts of partnerships are needed for Solana to compete with Ethereum and the BSC, but in the meantime, this is greatly appreciated.

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