DazedDucks Talk About Their Public Mint

The NFT-centered project had lots to say about their art, mint, and what the future holds during their second AMA with us.

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January 7, 2022

Another One

On January 6th, DazedDucks joined us for a second Twitter Spaces AMA. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project has had a busy start to the year, with their public mint being held on the 1st of the year. Tastic and Sash were the first team members to join and explained that the whole team had known each other for years.

“I've been involved in a few marketing companies in the States and working with some brands that have some global recognition too. So you know we were big into crypto,” Tastic revealed.

Why Solana?

Tastic explained they chose Solana because the team is heavily invested into the chain because of its technology and accompanying low fees. They started their community by building a traditional email mailing list for their Early Bird mints, which helped to reach out to their local Caribbean community.

Guava’s Art

The team explained that their artist Guava has worked with celebrities such as American rapper Chris Webby, as well as having global recognition in circles in Japan and other countries. Guava’s wife is Japanese, which has led to Japanese influences into his art, tying into his Carribean style to create a unique blend.

Minting Success

Our host Tom inquired as to whether the DazedDucks team was expecting to sell out their public mint. The team explained that while they had dealt with their fair share of FUD, after the success of their Early Bird mints they had faith that they would have success in the mint. 

They also talked about how the secondary market for their NFTs has been higher than the floor price from minting. After initial concerns that a price of 1 SOL would be steep for minters, the team revealed they were excited to see how well the secondary markets were flourishing. Tastic also shouted out Magic Eden for their aid in growing the project and its secondary market.

Future of the Project

The team discussed their future plans, including community giveaways, special features for Duck NFT holders, and their upcoming DAO. The DAO will guide the future of the platform, including advertising, charitable donations, and other business decisions.

The platform will first launch their Dashboard and Duck NFT staking, which are still currently in development. The team explained they were looking to prevent pump-and-dumpers from having influence on the DAO, as well as deciding what would benefit the community the most.

“We really try to be collaborative in our approach,” Sash noted.

NFT Rarities

Tom then inquired as to which traits on the Ducks would be considered the rarest. The team revealed that a breast cancer-inspired Duck was one of the rarest, and the team hopes to use it to raise awareness for the issue. 

The DazedDucks team has found they have their own personal favorites - based on design rather than rarity. They also explained that nearly every piece is animated, adding a unique flair to each NFT.

“I’m too much of a fan of our own work,” Sash joked.

The team also stated there is a TikTok video that goes into the Legendary 1:1 NFT features for those curious.  Many of the Legendary NFTs are inspired by celebrities that Guava has found influential in his personal life.

About DazedDucks

DazedDucks is a Solana-based NFT project born from the Carribean country of Antigua. The project is centered around duck-themed art, with a secondary theme of intergalactic space travel. 

The project focuses on providing unique art that ties into their culture and inspirations. The project has plans to offer staking for Duck NFT holders, as well as eventually a DAO to decide where the project will go in the future.

For more information about DazedDucks, visit the following links:

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