Crowny Releases Monthly Recap Outlining Growth and Future

Crowny’s April recap includes updates about its DEX listing, app & portal, first SME partnerships, micro-task features, and NFTs!

Ifeanyi Egede
May 6, 2021
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Crowny's April 2021 recap

Crowny has released its update for last month (April 2021) as per usual to share the latest involving the project. The team likened what happened to the project last month to the growth of a child from infancy to an adult. A recent announcement from Coin98 Finance revealed that Crowny is among the top ten trending tokens on Ethereum used in their proprietary wallet, among many other accomplishments for the month Some of the most important achievements include:

  • Massive community growth, especially on Twitter and Telegram
  • Receiving an EcoSerum grant
  • Raising almost $1.5 million from top crypto investors  
  • Collaborating with DAOmaker for the Strong Holder Offering (SHO) and listing
  • Completion of listing on Uniswap and AscenDEX
  • Increase in token holders to almost 3,000
  • Completion of its DEX listing

Crowny has promised its users to keep them updated with all new happenings in the project by continuing their monthly recaps. 


Expectations Going Forward 

There are at least three milestones that the Crowny team expects to achieve this month:

  • The release of the platform's app and portal. Through the platform or the app, kings and queens (as the community members are fondly called) can provide valuable feedback to the Crowny team and test the project.
  • Completion of the partnership and onboarding process with relevant SMEs 
  • Details regarding the micro-task feature and NFTs

About Crowny


Despite generally increased screen time on cell phones, advertisers and brands still struggle with exposure, rising costs, and passive audiences. The simple solution is for brands to make their ads and content relevant to the target audience, as research has shown that 68% of consumers don’t mind seeing relevant ads.

Crowny is a platform that helps brands to achieve better targeting and provide relevant content to users. The project rewards fans who interact and engage constantly with these brands. User privacy is protected, while the offers they receive are determined by their chosen preferences. For fast updates, queries and chats, check out Crowny's Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram channels.

Closing Thoughts

While advertising is often seen as irritating due to poor marketing, Crowny’s unique targeting mechanism appeals them to users. Their user engagement has been proven by their explosive growth over April, leading to the protocol announcing new future upgrade plans. Investors who don’t mind engaging with relevant adverts should take advantage of Crowny today!

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