Crowny Releases June Recap

The biggest news is partnership with AscendEX, which has produced incredible results and opens the project up to an enormous new user base.

Utulu Hope
June 7, 2021
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Crowny has dropped an update for its community regarding the incoming activities on its Solana-based ecosystem. The platform is working on making considerable improvements to its application while strengthening its loyalty system. Most of the update dwells on the new partnerships, including one which has provoked a massive increase to Crowny's Decentralized Finance (DeFi) advertising platform. Since partnering with AscendEX, the protocol has seen over 1000 users stake more than 30million $CRWNY — its native token. More partnerships are on the horizon as the protocol looks to replicate similar feats obtained from AscendEX integration. 

Significance of Crowny x AscendEX Partnership 


AscendEX is a leading global asset trading platform with one of the most comprehensive products to meet the needs of traders. Crowny announced the collaboration on the 13th of May via Twitter. AscendEX offers its services to over 1 million users, which has contributed to the growth of Crowny's ecosystem. Many new users have adopted Crowny loyalty program and its advertising portal thanks to the exposure from the partnership. 

AscendEX has used Crowny's marketing and loyalty system to attract new and existing users. The trading platform will keep using the Crowny platform to create more incentive models that will captivate users, thanks to its unique benefits in targeted advertising and offering rewards synchronized with advert engagement.  

Crowny June Recap


After a successful partnership with AscendEX, the Crowny team is entirely optimistic about the progress of its platform. The protocol dropped a detailed list of what it has achieved up to June and its future plans for the remainder of the year. Here is the complete list of what they have achieved so far: 

  • Established a successful partnership with AscendEX in May
  • Base fundamentals for collaboration with more companies 
  • The design system in Figma is now developed, allowing for faster scaling 
  • The first tease of its application was shared, getting over 20K views. 
  • The community, in a voting process, determined the new Crowny logo. 
  • Crowny reached a new milestone of over 30million CRWNY tokens staked on AscendEX. 
  • Crowny got audited by Zokyo for its Smart and Staking contracts with an incredible score of 97.

What Next For Crowny? 

According to the platform, if everything goes as planned, they will focus on many exciting innovations in July. Crowny will launch new staking programs, and they will begin testing the Beta version of their application in June 2021. However, they will select a group of community members to try to detect its flaws before launching, proving their dedication to community engagement. The platform is also looking at establishing more partnerships to adopt Crowny in the coming months. Lastly, they are looking to grow their workforce out of their community. Interested prospective employees should monitor their media channels for further details. 


About Crowny 

Crowny is an advertising platform that allows brands to create effective campaigns to reach audiences who are enticed to listen to their message. With its smartphone application, users will connect to their favorite brands without the risk of privacy breaches. Users not only receive relevant content, but they also earn $CRWNY and loyalty points. 


Final Thoughts

The monthly recap shows that the Crowny platform is undergoing huge development. Most of it can be attributed to its partnership with AscendEX, although the team has begun exploring further ways to improve the project. AscendEX has increased the adoption of the CRWNY token as well as introduced a new user base to the loyalty program. With more partnership plans in place and an application under development, one can only expect that Crowny is yet another project that will flourish amongst the growing list of Solana-based projects.

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