CCAI Goes Live On Serum DEX

The DEX offers lightning-fast transactions at extremely low fees thanks to Solana, along with a dearth of sleek tools for traders.

Utulu Hope
June 7, 2021
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CCAI is now live and fully operational for users to enjoy. CCAI (short for  is one of the fastest decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in the world, built on the Serum and Solana technology, offering low fees with user-friendly decentralized finance (DeFi) experience. The Serum-based DEX announced the exciting news on June 6th, and the platform is now officially live on the Solana network.

CCAI: A Solana-Based DEX For Easy Trading

Currently, most traders have to battle with spending a large chunk of money to make trades on Ethereum DEX due to huge gas fees. This problem is the inspiration behind CCAI’s creation, as well as their foundation of the Solana network. With CCAI, traders now have a more affordable option as transactions cost a fraction of a penny due to Solana’s unique smart contract structure. 

CCAI offers ease of trading for every crypto trader with its advanced trading tools. The exchange was developed with built-in tools for automation, customization, and performance analysis. However, it is not all about advanced trading tools - CCAI makes it very easy for traders to track and learn from all their trading performances. Using this data, the protocol wants traders to gain experience in crypto trading and understand their mistakes to attain success. 

Why Solana?

Building on Solana offers a lot of benefits for the Serum-based DEX. Ethereum DEX transactions can sometimes take 10min to 1hour or more while attracting as high as $50-$100 in gas fees. The price alone makes Solana the best platform for CCAI’s DEX, but the insane Transactions Per Second (TPS) on the network add icing to the cake. The Solana blockchain offers these fast, affordable transactions in a very secure manner, lending further credibility to building on the network.

CCAI To Introduce More Incentives 

While the platform is fully functional, the team plans to continue improving their product. Presently, the DEX offers advanced trading and analytics. Users can trade their assets with extremely low fees while also getting transparent analysis of all markets on Serum in simple charts. The protocol also has a wallet built-in, meaning users don’t have to constantly exchange their assets across multiple wallets. 

Amidst all its unique offerings, CCAI plans to add some other incentives for more user adoption. The DEX will add the swapping feature to its exchange, including pools. When these are integrated, users will make instant swaps at low fees made possible by Solana. Also, they will be able to earn fees from provided liquidity via pools. The protocol also plans to introduce a centralized exchange (CEX) for those interested. 

Notice: CCAI Token Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will begin on the 9th of June 2021. To learn more about participation, read this article. 

About CCAI


CCAI is an all-in-one platform that features smart trading where traders can automate their manual trading, reduce risks, increase profits and focus on strategy. It also features TradingView alerts where users can set entered, stop losses and take profits based on trading view charts. 

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