Audius Partners With The Graph to Improve Analytics

The partnership promises to add more nuance to the Audius protocol as it continues to develop.

Utulu Hope
June 18, 2021
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Teaming Up

Audius Music has announced its partnership with The Graph protocol. The streaming platform expressed their delight about the collaboration in a Tweet made on June 16th, 2021. According to their Medium blog, Audius will migrate to The Graph’s decentralized network and become one of the first projects to migrate to the mainnet. 

Decentralized Music Needs Decentralized Analytics


Audius becomes one of ten partners (colloquially known as Subgraphs) to migrate to the mainnet. The platform is one of the most used blockchain platforms by music lovers, with a user base just shy of 5 million. Migration to the decentralized territory will mean more adoption and use cases for both the listener and artists. According to their Medium post, Audius will utilize The Graph to power the underlying infrastructure of its unique dashboard to give users a clear glance at governance, immense growth, and staking. With this partnership, data analysis occurs within seconds. 

The Graph has also added speed to Audius processing. Before building on The Graph, the Audius dashboard could take over a minute to load because the protocol used on-chain data reading. The Graph’s integration will ensure that users can easily read, display, and act upon insight produced from the Audius Subgraph. In this light, Audius gives its community a very transparent outlook at any point in time. 

Insight On Audius Subgraph 

As of time of writing, the Audius Subgraph is now live on The Graph. This means that it will no longer operate on a hosted server but The Graph’s decentralized mainnet. Although the hosted server offered users the necessary features, the Subgraph is more efficient because it is serverless. In essence, the Audius Subgraph is decentralized and will exist indefinitely, regardless of the participation of the original Audius team.

Final Thoughts 

The partnership will add more use cases to the Audius platform. Both protocols will do everything to make sure that the mainnet migration works smoothly, and Audius is excited at the prospect of exploring the power of web3. In this light, Audius will keep making integrations to its unique protocol, thanks to The Graph, and cause more increase to its ecosystem. 

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What is The Graph? 


The Graph can be described as the indexing and query layer of the decentralized web. Developers create and publish APIs known as Subgraphs which applications query via GraphQL. Currently, The Graph supports indexing data from significant networks like Ethereum, IPFS, with more planned in the future. 

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