Announcing the Boca Chica Launchpad

The HAPI IDO platform for budding projects has a secure basis due to their prowess as a cybersecurity protocol.

Utulu Hope
June 3, 2021
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After several months of speculation, the Boca Chica Launchpad is now functional. HAPI, an onchain cybersecurity protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi), announced the launch of its fully developed launchpad on Solana on June 1st.

Why Solana? 

These past months, the use of the Solana blockchain has increased significantly. Unsurprisingly, this is because Solana offers arguably the best Layer 1 solution in the market. It topples Ethereum in many areas, such as low transaction fees, scalability, and speed.


These benefits are the driving force behind Boca Chica being built on the chain, as HAPI believes in the future of the chain. Their presence will increase user confidence in security, and adding a launchpad into the mix can only improve their recognition.

What Is Boca Chica? 

The Boca Chica Ecosystem

Boca Chica is a new cutting-edge IDO platform on Solana developed and powered by HAPI. The adoption of Solana’s blockchain indicates that the HAPI team is aware of the network’s benefits and its potential to become the most critical blockchain network in the long run.

Boca Chica will be an exciting new launchpad for projects built on Solana, aiming to create a foundation for new Solana-based projects to help start up their development in the crypto space. 

HAPI’s marketing and development team will contribute their resources to develop Boca Chica, and will be solely responsible for the launchpad’s planning and development. They will ensure that a safe and secure environment for Solana-based projects is created. HAPI built the platform so that participants stand to gain rewards in a fair and homogenous way. With this design, Boca Chica has set a standard that distinguishes it from other regular Launchpads. HAPI also acquires one of the most important token utilities yet with Boca Chica, giving their token utilitarian value as a required held asset.

HAPI Token Utility With Boca Chica Integration 

HAPI token will be the main asset used to access the exclusive round held on the Boca Chica platform. With this HAPI round, a key use-case is added for the HAPI token. How so? The rounds will ensure that participants of all future Solana-based IDO projects are obliged to hold HAPI to be a part of the Boca Chica ecosystem. Let us give a rundown of the HAPI round: 

  • Users who hold HAPI can take part in the IDO 
  • The HAPI round collects 6% of the entire pool 
  • Of the 6%, 3% of the HAPI pool will be burned while the remainder will be pumped into HAPI’s developmental fund 
  • HAPI round will be the first round conducted on the Boca Chica platform
  • All projects on the Boca Chica platform will have a HAPI round 

The HAPI round is the first round being held on the Boca Chica platform, but there will be up to four rounds available for people to join: 

  • HAPI Round: Exclusive to HAPI holders and also the first round held on Boca Chica 
  • Private Round: This is reserved for big investors and Venture Capitals 
  • Lottery: This will be for everyone. The entire community will participate through whitelisting. Details about this will be disclosed on HAPI’s medium blog. 
  • IDO (Public) Round: Listing on Solana Decentralized Exchange platform — Serum

Final Words

The integration will ensure that HAPI is regarded among the most prominent names in cybersecurity in the crypto market space. With Boca Chica, HAPI is not just an on-chain cybersecurity protocol but a joint IDO platform for promising projects on the Solana blockchain. HAPI intends to make the DeFi space attractive for more adoption, especially for Solana-based projects. 

About HAPI


HAPI is an on-chain cybersecurity protocol with trustless oracles preventing hacker attacks. The protocol is designed for the DeFi community to fight hackers. After a slew of exploits in recent weeks, cybersecurity projects like HAPI are desperately needed in the DeFi sector.

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