A Look at Wum.bo, Creator Coins for Social Media

The new project looks to create easier access for content creators to build out their own Creator Coins, bridging a typically complex process to an inexperienced community.

John Tunney
June 8, 2021
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Coins for Creators

Wum.bo is a brand new project out of the Solana blockchain network, offering an incredibly cool value proposition. Wum.bo aims to bring Creator Coins directly to the networks where creators interact with their fans. Creator Coins are coins that allow for content creators to build a marketplace around their brand, allowing their community to participate in a massive creator economy. The Creator Coins are branded by the creator and allow for better monetization and community engagement from their fan base. 

Wum.bo looks to ease the barrier of entry, where creators can easily create, build out, and manage their own personalized custom crypto currency! To simplify the onboarding process, Wum.bo has partnered with Torus Labs Wallet and Bonfida naming service to simplify the coin creation process. Wum.bo has also partnered with FTXPay to enable their users to buy and sell WUM coins, the base currency of Wum.bo, through a simplified interface. 

Other Cool Features

Wum.bo also comes packed with very cool features, such as a Google Chrome extension that comes equipped with a trading interface and wallet extension where creators can view their Creator Tokens.


What’s really cool is that Creator Coins are by default Solana tokens, which means that Creator Coins can be used elsewhere in the Solana marketplace. Wum.bo also provides creators a configurable founder rewards percentage on Creator Coins made by said creator. 

If users decide to opt out, that’s not an issue either. Wub.bo allows for users and creators to opt out, allowing for the continued selling of the Creator Coin through the AMM. Token holders will be alerted if the creator has opted out, can choose to sell or hold the tokens, and see how many tokens others own. 


--Wub.bo is a fascinating project. The easier path for creators to build their own cryptocurrency could be an absolute game changer. Creator Coins are already thought to be a “game changer” with massive potential, thanks to their interactive qualities that allow more people to create. Wum.bo looks poised to capitalize on what could very well be the next big thing to hit the crypto industry. By allowing an easier barrier to entry for creators to create their own crypto, Wum.bo’s potential for bringing huge content creator followings into the crypto market could eventually create an effect that would reverberate throughout the entire crypto industry. More attention leads to more investors which leads to more money entering the crypto space. Hopefully they can pull it together and make it happen! 


Wum.bo is a platform built on top of Solana that unites Creator Coins directly to the networks where creators interact with their fans. They aren’t reinventing the social network; they plan on enhancing it by giving fans and creators a new way to interact within their favorite settings. Wum.bo Creator Coins give each creator their own personal, customizable cryptocurrency.

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