A Look At Star Atlas’ Rebirth Meta Posters

The gamified protocol has wowed users with the impressive audio and visuals of the NFTs.

John Tunney
June 15, 2021
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HD Meta Posters

The sci-fi inspired gamified project Star Atlas took to Twitter to announce the latest installment of their Rebirth meta poster (NFT) collection. The collection includes 14 different HD posters, each with music, an AR experience, as well as rewards and VIP experiences. 


How to Get Reborn

The posters are sold via Star Atlas, and can be found by going to their website rebirth page and clicking Meta-Posters in the top right. Once there, users can purchase and mint the meta-poster into an NFT. 

After the purchase of the NFT poster is complete, users can sell the posters where they please or add them to their NFT collection. Star Atlas intelligently chose to run their growing platform on the Solana blockchain, as the Solana blockchain is capable of hosting applications with the computational bandwidth similar to that of the modern internet. The Solana blockchain allows value propositions like Star Atlas and their Rebirth NFT drop to exist in the crypto space thanks to the extensive scaling capabilities of the network.

Pictured is the 7th NFT out of the 14 Rebirth NFTs for Sale by Star Atlas, titled Paizul Funeral Procession!

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a DeFi protocol that looks to build out a unique gaming experience by blending the Solana blockchain mechanics with traditional game mechanics. Star Atlas is a big believer in how decentralized self-sovereign ownership of assets can be enabled through blockchain technology. The protocol wants to be the model for the future of gaming by making it possible for gamers to earn actual revenue for the time they spend in the virtual world and more importantly, convert this virtual revenue into actual cash. 

Final Thoughts 

The NFT offering by Star Atlas is visually impressive and includes pleasing audio for its holders. The HD Meta Posters are a unique and well-executed idea, bringing more than just the collectible, but an actual item that will offer rewards and offer an AR experience. Star Atlas and their Meta Poster drop are shining examples of features that have been brought to the crypto community as a result of the Solana blockchain. As more projects emerge from Solana, it will be incredibly exciting to watch the Solana ecosystem continue to mature and develop. 

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