Project Insight

Project Insight: Audius - Decentralized Music Sharing and Streaming

The platform aims to put power back into the hands of artists and fans with their unique offerings.

Project Insight: Serum's EcoSerum Program

The program serves as a jump-starter for the blooming Project Serum ecosystem.

Project Insight: Mango Markets

The platform offers trading options that diversify it from other competitors on the Solana blockchain.

Synthetify Receives Boost From EcoSerum Grant

Synthetic asset protocol Synthetify has received a major boost from the EcoSerum grant, which will aid their growth and help them remain a simple, Solana-powered decentralized protocol for synthetic assets.

Yield Aggregator SolFarm launches on Solana

The first yield aggregating protocol on the Solana blockchain, Solfarm, launched their Beta in late April, 2021. Solfarm makes the farming experience for users seamless, and with the integration of Raydium's farms, users can start earning high-return yields with large APY.

Solstarter Announces Roadmap for Future Releases

The team behind the launchpad protocol Solstarter announced a roadmap for future releases on April 24th. The roadmap contains proposed Solstarter values and features that will be included in the platform as they prepare it for launch. Previous updates featured partners for the long-term vision of the Solstarter project.

JET Lending Protocol Announces Their Production on the Solana Blockchain

Members of the team behind Meta Mask announced the development of a Solana-built non-custodial borrow and lending protocol, titled Jet. This lending protocol will give users flexibility and sovereignty over their crypto assets and is currently striving to improve the Solana ecosystem through a unique lending protocol.

Project Insight: COPE

COPE is a 2-Phase project that involves the identification of a trader's trading weaknesses and offering a personalized automated investment product to solve that weakness. COPE will add investment management services to the Solana blockchain, looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of the ecosystem.

NFT Gaming Project Star Atlas Launches On Solana

NFT gaming protocol Star Atlas announced its launch on the Solana blockchain on April 24th. The team will release 14 meta-posters during this launch with various kinds of benefits for users, helping jump-start NFT programs across the blockchain.

AMM Jump Trading Launches Pyth Network

AMM firm Jump Trading is planning to decentralize real-time trading data by collaborating on a world oracle project called Pyth. The Pyth network aims to provide smarter data for smarter contracts which could provide significant growth of the Defi space.

Solana Ecosystem Receives Further Funding From OKEx Partnerships

Solana and OKEx announced a partnership a month ago, aimed at bringing more funding and development to the blockchain. A significant chunk of money is now heading to the Solana ecosystem, marking an emphatic vote of confidence from the OKEx team.

Project Insight: HXRO Options Platform

HXRO looks to join the Solana ecosystem as a premier options trading platform that offers covered-calls and other hedging options. With plans to work in conjunction with Serum, HXRO seems well-poised to make a name for itself on the Solana blockchain.

Crowny Receives Grant From The Serum Fund

On April 14th, Crowny announced that they were one of the recipients of the highly competitive Serum Grant along with several other applicants. This grant will allow Crowny to establish themselves as a strong cog in the user-friendly Solana ecosystem, as well as boost Serum through their innovative advertising experience.

HedgeHog Markets Holds Beta Launch Competition

Hedgehog Markets has announced a beta Launch Competition that will run for a limited time before launch. There will be prizes available to win, ranging from up to $10,000 USDC to rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Hedgehog hopes to stimulate its user base by holding this competition to prepare for launch.

Raydium Announces First AcceleRaytor Project: Media Network

Raydium has announced that its first AcceleRaytor project called Media Network will be launched on April 29. Media Network is a privacy-first Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows decentralized p2p content delivery.

Step Finance: A Solana-Based Tool to Visualize, Analyze, Execute and Aggregate Transactions

The Solana blockchain has received a major boost from Step Finance, a portfolio manager for the ecosystem that will track, visualise, aggregate and execute transactions across multiple smart contracts.

Raydium AMM Introduces AcceleRaytor

Raydium has introduced the program AcceleRaytor, an IDO project for the Solana DEX. This is an effort to bootstrap the Solana ecosystem by assisting projects to boost their growth.

Raydium Protocol: An On-Chain Orderbook Powered by Serum and Solana

Raydium Protocol has been making significant volume and seeing major growth and acceptance for nearly a month since its launch on Solana. Through its utilization of on-chain liquidity, Raydium provides seamless swaps.

Why Build on Solana?

Solana is a super-fast, highly secure censorship-resistant blockchain. It aims to provide developers with the infrastructure which will power the next generation of blockchain DApps and secure wider crypto adoption.

Solana X Serum Hackathon Results and Future Ecosystem Incentives

Solana and Serum recently partnered to hold the first-ever DeFi Hackathon. This event was held to further bootstrap the growth of the Solana ecosystem with over 100 participating projects.

Project Serum: A Pioneering On-Chain Dex Building Infrastructure on Solana

Serum's goal is to develop an infrastructure that propels DeFi into everyday industrys. The launch of the protocol on the Solana mainnet has displayed the true power of the protocol and its on-chain orderbook.

Solana Labs: A Complete and Hyper-Scalable Layer-1 Blockchain Network

Solana achieves scalability, security, and decentralization, unlike no other blockchain. Solana has already launched on the main net and the ecosystem is rapidly developing
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