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BotBorgs Sells out in XXX on Magic Eden's Solana NFT Marketplace

The PlayToEarn open science fiction metaverse held its highly awaited public mint along with pre-sale for whitelisted users.

Solana-Based StepN Co-Founder To Join DeFi Direct

StepN wants to get you moving and earning with a new type of blockchain Dapp.

Solana Debugs Issues Causing Network Congestion Amidst Market Volatility

Solana Labs deployed the first of a series of fixes to reduce the flood of TX requests with the community's help and is now awaiting validators to update node software.

GenesysGo Will Launch a Decentralized IDO Platform

The network that powers Solana will let developers launch IDO´s without middlemen.

How to Connect Phantom Wallet to Solana Blockchain

Phantom wallet provides the gateway into the Solana Network, learn how to easily integrate the digital wallet into Chrome

Best Web3 Projects Building Gaming and the Metaverse on Solana in 2022

This is the second of a three-part series that will dive into the frontier of Web3 ecosystems, today, specifically gaming on Solana.

Solrise Finance Starts Buyback & Burn Program

The decentralized investment funds protocol started its ‘buy + burn’ program by using fees generated from the protocol’s products.

Coinbase Weighs in on the SOL-ETH Layer 1 Fight

Coinbase examines the implications of ETH 2.0 for Solana and the smart contract space.

Katana Founder Joins to Ignite DeFi Direct

The livestream will come on Tuesday, January 25, and is shaping to be very exciting.

MonkeyBall Gets Listed on ByBit

The listing caps an eventful week for the PlayToEarn game.

StepN Announces $5M Seed Round

The project aims to incentivize millions into healthier lifestyles, connections to the Web3.0 world, and contribute to carbon neutrality.

Maple Finance Acquires Avari to Bring Uncollateralized Loans to Solana

After a successful launch on Ethereum the marketplace is now expanding to Solana.

Chest Expands Vision to Treasure Islands

Chest Finance sees a revamp that will hone in on GameFi and earning opportunities for users.

Justin Kan's Fractal Announces F100 Hackathon

An event to encourage the development of new experiences involving gaming NFTs.

Financial Heavyweight JP Morgan Touts Solana as Ethereum Competitor

Ethereum may lose more grounds to its rivals in the NFT space, in particular Solana.

DarleyGo Announces Genesis Horse Sale on Magic Eden

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project will hold its inaugural NFT sale on January 23rd on Magic Eden.

Solana Web3 Gaming Summit Hosts Biggest Projects on the Chain

Some of the premium projects operating on Solana offered their thoughts on Web3 in a landmark DeFi Direct Solana Gaming Summit.

SamuraiArmyNFT Creates Social Club Run by G2Esports

The Web3 NFT social club seeks to on-ramp gamers leveraging the 1M+ audience G2 Esports has fostered.

MeanDAO Envisions A Banking Revolution on DeFi Direct

MeanDAO updates the DeFi Direct community to the development of several features that look to revolutionize banking.

Hi-fi Oracle Pyth Network Publishes Whitepaper

Pyth network publishes whitepaper formalizing the launch of the PYTH token.

Investin - Start Your Career as a Fund Manager

With a prize-packed trading competition coming, the decentralized fund management protocol is incentivizing traders to start their own lucrative funds.

Solana Kicks off Global Hacker House World Tour in Six Cities

The six-week-long hacker houses call for Solana builders around the globe who are looking to Meet. Learn. Collaborate. Chew Glass.

Space Falcon Gets Ready for Multi-Platform IDO

The upcoming intergalactic Solana metaverse PvP space shooter game gears up for the exciting launch of $FCON.

AAG Ventures Invests $350,000 in Genopets

AAG Ventures’ scholars will be able to access habitats in the private beta that will be released on January 20.

Metaplex Secures Massive $46M Funding Round

The integral Solana NFT protocol secures a massive funding round led by Multicoin and Jump Capital, along with Michael Jordan.

Fund-backed Atlas Decentralized Exchange is Officially Live

Atlas DEX aggregator launches after $6M fund-raise back in December.

Eziper Chain Announces Seed Partners

A who's who of crypto partners and investors has been officially announced by PlaytoEarn project Eziper Chain, as they set about establishing their project.

Zeta Markets Launches 250K Bounty Program as Mainnet Goes Live

Zeta Markets Mainnet successful launch along with a 250K USD Bounty Program

Sunny Announces Governance Launch with TribecaDAO

The latest to adopt the TribecaDAO, Sunny has repeatedly emphasized that is focused on providing its community a say in important decisions.

UXD Protocol Announces Mainnet Beta Launch

The stablecoin protocol built on the Solana blockchain network has released several details of the mainnet beta and how users can participate in it.

Burnt Finance Lights up Inferno Mainnet NFT Marketplace

The decentralized marketplace continues to light up the Web3 landscape between BurntBanksy, Inferno Mainnet, an 8M Series A investment, and attendance at the Solana Hacker house.

Sol Invictus Partners with Frax Finance and Enters the Saber Wars

Invictus Dao has partnered with Frax Finance and TerraForm Labs to introduce the FRAX-UST LP Bonds and help shape Solana's future.

FTX Acquire Private Suite as Public Mint Concludes

The protocol’s native $SKILL token became the top held GameFi asset on Binance Smart Chain.

Vybe Network Secures $2.5 Million From Seed Round

The platform hopes to build a data infrastructure that will power the data needs of DeFi applications on the Solana blockchain.

Port Finance Joins DeFi Direct Livestream

Port Finance is building a whole suite of products that will unleash the true potential of the Solana blockchain.

Step Finance Roadmap Unveiled for Q1 2022

Step Finance prepares to improve its application interface and coverage, ensuring that it remains the most extensive portfolio manager in the Solana ecosystem.

SolanaMBS NFT Fractionalized via BridgeSplit Reaches 7M Market Cap

The MonkeDAOs 'DaoJones' NFT reaches a valuation of over $7 million, displaying the might of BridgeSplits NFT fractionalization.

Compendium Announces IDO on Solanium

Compendium prepares to utilize Solanium’s IDO Launchpad.

Friktion Closes 5.5M Raise to Build Portfolio Management on Solana

The protocol has received funding from top VCs such as Jump Crypto, DeFiance Capital, Sino Global Capital, and Delphi Digital.

Mean DAO CEO to Visit DeFi Direct Livestream

The Mean DAO team will pay a visit once again, this time for a much longer livestream event.

Allbridge Raises $2M in Fundraising Round Backed by Race Capital

The considerable funds raised will go toward important project aspects like security and growth, ensuring Allbridge meets user demand.

Star Atlas Reveal New Metaverse Feature

Factions and the space economy take center stage as the Solana built PlayToEarn game releases more gameplay details.

mtnDAO to Build in Salt Lake City With Nearly 500k in Support

mtnDAO has garnered massive support and sponsorships from the Solana ecosystem prior to the event in February - 170K+ in sponsorships and 250k in bounties.

SOL Flowers Ready Staking Feature

The project behind the flower-themed NFT collections in the Solana ecosystem has set out the foundation for allowing staking.

Tiny Colony Settles On Land Sale Date

On February 10, the colony sale will take place in the tinyverse for players to get a chance to own property on the blockchain game.

SolanaNFTLaunchpad Join Solana News for Twitter AMA

Sham, Core Dev at SolanaNFTLaunchpad, outlined the platform's upcoming mint and goals.

Decentralized Derivatives Exchange 01 Announces Mainnet Launch

01 Exchange will launch this month, featuring both Perpetual Futures and Power Perpetuals for the first time on Solana.

Star Atlas in Grand Finale for Awwwards' Website of the Year

Get a chance to win a Pearce X4 by helping the project win the top website award.

Bank of America Highlights Solana in a Recent Research Note

An analyst from the global banking organization has said that Solana could successfully take market share away from Ethereum due to the differentiated design.

The DarleyGo Team Discusses Their Background and Project Plans

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project stopped by to chat about how their project started and where it’s headed.

Monkeyball Partners Up With Ethernity

Ethernity will bring authentic football gear NFTs to the Monekyball metaverse.

Zeta Markets Ready Solana Mainnet Launch

The Solana derivatives trading market is set for a change-up once Zeta lands on the scene.

Co-founders of Frikition Building to Mitigate Risk

Friktion is building a management platform for all kinds of users to help mitigate the risks of the chaotic crypto world.

Mini Royale: Nations Hits 2022 Running with War Room Discussion

The Mini Royale team took to discord for their monthly War Room to inform and discuss the game's near future with the community.

Port Finance Partners with ImmuneFi for $500k Bug Bounty

The Solana-based protocol has announced the bug bounty program to make the platform more secure for its users.

Terra (UST) Bonds Coming to Sol Invictus

Invictus DAO has partnered with Terraform Labs, the creator of the Terra blockchain, to offer UST bonds on their platform.

Sentre Protocol V2 Goes Live

The Solana-based liquidity protocol works on feedback from the community and comes back with V2 of the SenOS.

Aurory Extends Cliff for Seed and Team

The PlaytoEarn NFT project stakes its conviction as a long-term builder on Solana.

Dexlab Staking Goes Live on Solana

The move registers another important checkpoint in the project’s development at a pivotal moment in the general market sentiment.

Solana Projects Reach Trading ATHs in Midst of Market Dip

In a disappointing start to the year for the rest of the market, major projects on Solana are witnessing unprecedented volumes.

First DeFi Land NFT Sale Announced for January

Developers of the PlayToEarn project on Solana decided to spice things up and add a different mechanic to their land sale.

Port Finance Core Developer Comes to DeFi Direct

One of the fastest-growing protocols on Solana will grace the DeFi Direct Youtube channel.

Grape Protocol Dashboard Now Supports Ledger

Users can now interact with the Grape Protocol dashboard using Ledger wallets connected with Phantom or Solfare.

Rogue Pandas Team Gives Insight Into Their NFT Project

The Solana-based team joined us for an AMA where they shared their backstory, features, and future plans.

Synthetify Update sees Vaults Released

Synthetify Vaults allows users to securely borrow synthetic assets, while opening trades in dual directions on a single synthetic asset.

Genopets Uveils Status Updates

Sign-ups to participate in the Private Beta will soon be available for Genopet holders.

Solice Genesis Staking set for Launch

Solice’s latest staking initiative could allow users to pick up NFTs on the blockchain that has precipitated some of the hottest NFTs around.

Shadowy Super Coders Surpass Solana Monkey Business

The NFTs have proved to be a hugely profitable mint for initial investors.

Serum's Incentive Ecosystem Foundation Raising $100 Million

he community-led foundation has 18 investors that are participating in this fund for the development of the Serum ecosystem.

Injective’s INJ Yield Farming is Now Live on Solana

Solana users will now be able to farm INJ tokens through the wINJ Covered Call vault on Katana.

Friktion Labs Comes to DeFi Direct Livestream

Another new and burgeoning Solana project stops by the DeFi Direct YouTube channel.

Port Finance Introduces PortDAO

Tribeca DAO continues to showcase its utility in the ecosystem with the addition of PortDAO

Tiny Colony Releases Land Sale Details

Holders of the virtual real estate will be given “voting and decision making rights” that will directly influence the direction of the project and other bonus perks.

Visa Enlists Zebec to its Fintech Fast Track Program

The Solana-based continuous cash stream protocol has been incubated to Visa's prestigious program.

PsyOptions Announce IEO on FTX

The Solana-based options protocol is listing its native token, PSY, on the FTX exchange for qualified users.

See How Phantasia Sports is Changing Fantasy Sports on Solana

The fantasy sports game is finding a whole new gear on the blockchain.

DazedDucks Talk About Their Public Mint

The NFT-centered project had lots to say about their art, mint, and what the future holds during their second AMA with us.

Saber DAO Launches Its First-Ever Proposal

The stablecoin DEXs recently launched DAO has activated a proposal for which voting ends in a day.

Identifying Key Solana Web3 Decentralized Finance Projects in 2022

This is the first of a three part series that will dive into the frontier of Web3 ecosystems on Solana.

Max Fu of Nyan Heroes Details Game’s Big Vision

The co-founder of Nyan Heroes spelled out a vision for a quality game with a dual token model and strong community elements.

Solana NFT Pad Discusses the Utility of NFTs

In our Twitter Spaces AMA with the project, team member Gary revealed how the project differs from traditional NFT launchpads in terms of utility and function.

Socean Finance Ready IDO, Citing Tokenomics Blunders to Avoid

The stake pool protocol on Solana is preparing for its upcoming IDO by providing solutions for “problematic tokenomics.”

1,000 MonkeyBall NFTs Sold In 23 Seconds!

The football-themed metaverse game held the first sale for their MonkeyBall NFTs via Magic Eden on Jan. 4th.

Exotic Markets Picks Up $5 Million Through Private Token Sale

The DeFi protocol based on the Solana network conducted the private token sale led by Multicoin Capital and Ascensive Assets ahead of mainnet launch.

Solvent Protocol Announces IDO & IEO

The Solana based NFT liquidity platform will conduct the IDO on Solanium and the IEO on

Solana Co-Founder Responds to Fears After Another Network Outage

The blockchain suffered another outage on Tuesday, which caused confusion amongst users.

Convergence Hackathon To Kick Off in January

The cross-chain DeFi hackathon is hosted by the DEX Serum in partnership with interoperability protocol, Wormhole.

DeGods Launch $DUST Offering NFT Utility

The team behind DeGods NFT looks at a $DUST distribution that will be done organically.

DarleyGo Unveils New Project

The project revolves around bringing horse-racing events to the Solana blockchain.

Jupiter Becomes the Go-To DEX Aggregator on Solana

Jupiter has been becoming the go-to DEX aggregator, and can now be integrated into projects such as Defi Land & Mango Markets.

Phantom Wallet's Sees Massive Growth to 1.8 Million Monthly Active Users

Phantom Wallets grows phenomenally in 2021 to become the leading wallet in the Solana ecosystem, similar to Metamask on Ethereum.

Pyth Network Releases Yearly Update Heading Into 2022

The network has issued details on the developments that happened within the network's ecosystem over the previous year.

Phantasia Sports Coming to DeFi Direct Livestream

One of the core developers of Phantasia Sports drops by the DeFi Direct YouTube channel.

GenesysGo Gears up for Novel $SHDW IDO

The IDO looks to promote fair price discovery improving on $MANGO and $AURY models.

Saber Launches DAO on the Mainnet

The stablecoin DEX built on the Solana was inspired by the design frameworks of Compound and Curve's DAOs.

Nyan Heroes Co-Founder Maxmello Joins DeFi Direct

Nyan Heroes stops by DeFi Direct before some major milestones coming up in Q1 of 2022.

GenesysGo: Heroes of The Solana Back-End

CEO drops by the DeFi Direct channel to find the untapped potential of the Solana network.

Selling Pressure Abates for Solana, Upside Potential Looks Promising

Solana looks geared for a rally as demand across exchanges spikes.

Star Atlas Minigame SCORE Hits Milestone

Total value locked due to the staking mini game of the Solana GameFi project has surpassed 100 Million US Dollars.

Fractal NFT Marketplace Goes Live on Solana

Excitement has been building around the NFT GameFi Marketplace which has already established important partnerships.
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