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Solana Releases Ecosystem Review

Summer 2021 has been an exciting and active time for the Solana ecosystem ($SOL), as summarized with the release of their “Ecosystem Highlights Volume 7.”

SamoDEX Goes Live on Solana

The decentralized exchange will offer impressive historical data on tokens thanks to Solana’s powerful scalability.

Helium NFT Track Raised 1486 SOL For Give India

Helium tapped from Solana’s Hackathon to support India’s population affected by the dreadful COVID pandemic.

Sam Bankman-fried Suggests SonarWatch Should Add FTX Pay

The FTX founder teased a potential collaboration between FTX Pay and


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Ben Antes' column which dives into various DeFi topics and strategies


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Anatoly Yakovenko Join UpOnly Podcast, Talks Solana

The Solana founders spent the stream detailing the Solana network goals and future.

Synthetify to Receive Boost from AcceleRaytor

The boost will raise capital and drive liquidity in a decentralized manner, ensuring the entire Raydium ecosystem benefits from token offerings.

Fluidity AMA Transcript

Imagine If Money Rewarded You To Use It. Fluidity Is Super Powering Cryptocurrencies To Reward You When You Use Them.

Solana Beach Launches Validator with 10% Commission Fee

The validator allows users to earn rewards for helping the platform process transactions.

Audius Partners With The Graph to Improve Analytics

The partnership promises to add more nuance to the Audius protocol as it continues to develop.

Solarian Releases Roboboots NFT Series, Available for a Limited Time

As the crypto industry has recently stagnated, Solarian and CryptoKickers look to offer clothing-inspired NFTs to reignite innovation.

Step Finance Releases Latest Updates

The update features much-needed integrations, including the addition of the Serum DEX aggregator.

Renowned DJ Deadmau5 to Collaborate with Star Atlas

The world-famous DJ plus other upcoming collaborations are poised to raise the bar for Star Atlas' NFTs to the next level.

SonarWatch Launches NFT Creator

The new NFT-based product makes it a little easier for users to get their feet wet in the Solana NFT space.

Kraken Adds Solana and Serum to Their Platform

The UK based crypto currency exchange showed off their belief in the Solana blockchain by adding the tokens to their markets.

Mercurial Partners with Phantom on Solana User Guide

The guide will give new users insight on how to explore Solana’s rich offerings without previous ownership of SOL.

Memecoins Have Hit The Solana Blockchain

As tokens like MoonLana and Samoyed Coin begin to gain attention, it becomes clear that Solana now has their own small but growing ecosystem of memecoins.

Sino Global Details Hot Solana Hackathon Projects

The investment platform dropped a long list of exciting Solana-based projects from the just-concluded Solana Season Hackathon.

A Look At Star Atlas’ Rebirth Meta Posters

The gamified protocol has wowed users with the impressive audio and visuals of the NFTs.

Delphi Digital Releases Oracle Report

The report contains details about the different Oracle solutions offered to supported projects.

Parrot Protocol Receives $5 Million in Seed Funding

The up and coming DeFi lending platform has successfully raised $5 million in preparation for expansion.

Dexlab Releases IDO Transparency Report

Many countries showed considerable interest in Dexlab’s IDO, according to the transparency report.