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Allbridge Co-Founder Meets with GoonTrades for Informative Chat

The platform started small, bridging with Solana, and gradually grew to serve a greater need across all blockchains.

Bitcoin Powers Through All-Time High, Shows No Signs of Let Up

ProShares BTC Strategy ETF approval by SEC and its listing on NYSE Arca, boosts BTC to a new all-time high.

Wormhole Expands its Bridge to Include Terra

Users can now get the UST stablecoin & LUNA to use in Solana's DeFi ecosystem via Wormhole's token bridge.

ProShares BTC ETF Hits $1 Billion on First Day

The debut of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF sees it becoming one of the biggest first days for any ETF EVER.


A educational series that covers everything Crypto and DeFi related on the Binance Smart Chain


 10+ Pieces


Ben Antes' column which dives into various DeFi topics and strategies


 10+ Pieces


In-depth project research displaying the core features of the latest DeFi protocols


 20+ Pieces


A complete guide to developing a working understanding of trading in cryptocurrency markets


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Coinbase Inks Long-Term Deal With Forward Thinking NBA

The NBA continues its crypto foray after various teams have already committed to their own respective fan tokens.

Degen Ape Academy AMA Transcript

“Deep in the heart of Dingus Forest echoes the sleepless cries of a troop of 10000 apes. These aren't just regular apes, however. These are degenerate apes.”

Submissions for Ignition Hackathon Closed, 568 Projects Formed

The hackathon has 5860 participants with over $5 million in prizes up for grabs.

CME BTC Futures Open Interest Hit an All-Time High

The largest derivatives exchange in the world sees the open interest of its BTC futures grow more than twofold in October to surpass the previous all-time high in April.

Solana News Hosts Livestream with top Solana Bridge protocol, Allbridge

Tune in on Tuesday for a chance to hear from the co-founder and CEO of the top token bridge on Solana.

Solastronaut: Animated 3D NFT Revolution in the Solana Metaverse

The project seeks to bring an out-of-this world experience involving NFTs, with numerous other rewards and features for users.

Degenerate Ape Academy to Join Solana News in Telegram AMA

“Deep in the heart of Dingus Forest echoes the sleepless cries of a troop of 10000 apes. These aren't just regular apes, however. These are degenerate apes.”

Mark McKenna’s Heroes & Villains

The MasterBrews project promises to bring some of the most immersive NFT experiences for users.

Bitcoin Eclipses $60,000 as ETF Approval Finally Arrives in USA

BTC has gone past the $60,000 mark yet again after nearly six months since hitting its all-time high in May.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Airdrop Work?

Airdrops can be a rewarding source of passive income. Don't ignore them when you see them.

TheSlowPatrol - Unique Sloth-Based NFT Platform

The platform is designed to both spread awareness to sloth well-being and provide a fun source of passive income for users.

Serum Adds Order Book Traded Derivatives to Solana With Zeta Integration

Project Serum integrates with Zeta Markets allowing the latter to utilize the DEX's order book design for completely decentralized vanilla options.

How to do Your Own Research (DYOR)

Here, we lay out a detailed beginners guide on how to research your coins to position yourself to catch that next moonshot.

Raydium & Magic Eden Collaborate to Boost SOL NFTs

Less than a month after Raydium’s Dropzone first NFT project launch, the protocol chose Magic Eden as the fastest-growing marketplace in a new partnership.

eToro Becomes The Latest Exchange to List SOL Token

The social investment and trading network is the latest in a series of platforms adopting the SOL token.

TheSlowPatrol - Explaining the Process

Considering the amount of detail that goes into TheSlowPatrol’s Sloth breeding, it’s important to understand the basics before you jump in.

Wormhole Network Announces Support for Binance Smart Chain

Users can now bridge tokens and NFTs between Ethereum, Solana, and BSC ecosystem.