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GenesysGo Will Launch a Decentralized IDO Platform

The network that powers Solana will let developers launch IDO´s without middlemen.

How to Connect Phantom Wallet to Solana Blockchain

Phantom wallet provides the gateway into the Solana Network, learn how to easily integrate the digital wallet into Chrome

Best Web3 Projects Building Gaming and the Metaverse on Solana in 2022

This is the second of a three-part series that will dive into the frontier of Web3 ecosystems, today, specifically gaming on Solana.

Solrise Finance Starts Buyback & Burn Program

The decentralized investment funds protocol started its ‘buy + burn’ program by using fees generated from the protocol’s products.


A educational series that covers everything Crypto and DeFi related on the Binance Smart Chain


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Ben Antes' column which dives into various DeFi topics and strategies


 10+ Pieces


In-depth project research displaying the core features of the latest DeFi protocols


 20+ Pieces


A complete guide to developing a working understanding of trading in cryptocurrency markets


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Katana Founder Joins to Ignite DeFi Direct

The livestream will come on Tuesday, January 25, and is shaping to be very exciting.

MonkeyBall Gets Listed on ByBit

The listing caps an eventful week for the PlayToEarn game.

StepN Announces $5M Seed Round

The project aims to incentivize millions into healthier lifestyles, connections to the Web3.0 world, and contribute to carbon neutrality.

Maple Finance Acquires Avari to Bring Uncollateralized Loans to Solana

After a successful launch on Ethereum the marketplace is now expanding to Solana.

Chest Expands Vision to Treasure Islands

Chest Finance sees a revamp that will hone in on GameFi and earning opportunities for users.

Justin Kan's Fractal Announces F100 Hackathon

An event to encourage the development of new experiences involving gaming NFTs.

Financial Heavyweight JP Morgan Touts Solana as Ethereum Competitor

Ethereum may lose more grounds to its rivals in the NFT space, in particular Solana.

DarleyGo Announces Genesis Horse Sale on Magic Eden

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project will hold its inaugural NFT sale on January 23rd on Magic Eden.

Solana Web3 Gaming Summit Hosts Biggest Projects on the Chain

Some of the premium projects operating on Solana offered their thoughts on Web3 in a landmark DeFi Direct Solana Gaming Summit.

SamuraiArmyNFT Creates Social Club Run by G2Esports

The Web3 NFT social club seeks to on-ramp gamers leveraging the 1M+ audience G2 Esports has fostered.

MeanDAO Envisions A Banking Revolution on DeFi Direct

MeanDAO updates the DeFi Direct community to the development of several features that look to revolutionize banking.

Hi-fi Oracle Pyth Network Publishes Whitepaper

Pyth network publishes whitepaper formalizing the launch of the PYTH token.

Investin - Start Your Career as a Fund Manager

With a prize-packed trading competition coming, the decentralized fund management protocol is incentivizing traders to start their own lucrative funds.

Solana Kicks off Global Hacker House World Tour in Six Cities

The six-week-long hacker houses call for Solana builders around the globe who are looking to Meet. Learn. Collaborate. Chew Glass.

Space Falcon Gets Ready for Multi-Platform IDO

The upcoming intergalactic Solana metaverse PvP space shooter game gears up for the exciting launch of $FCON.

AAG Ventures Invests $350,000 in Genopets

AAG Ventures’ scholars will be able to access habitats in the private beta that will be released on January 20.

Metaplex Secures Massive $46M Funding Round

The integral Solana NFT protocol secures a massive funding round led by Multicoin and Jump Capital, along with Michael Jordan.